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Black Ops II - Standard Equipment May Vary Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Black Ops II - Standard Equipment May Vary Trophy Guide  

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Description: In TranZit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game.

Every part of the map has mutliple equipment parts. You need to put them together at a workbench to get the final equipment piece. Here is a list of all equippable items (5 in total):

Area 1 (starting point) Turbine: Mannequin, Toy Plane Wing & Fan
Area 2 (Diner) Zombie Shield: Dolly & Car Door
Area 3 (Farm) Turret: Machine Gun, Ammo Box & Lawn Mower
Area 4 (Farm with Underground Bunker) Electricity Trap: Car Battery, Headlight, Sculpture
Area 5 (Bank) Wonder Weapon: Jet Cannon; this requires the following items:

Jet Turbine - In the tunnel between Area 1 and Area 2
Lever - Between Area 3 and Area 4 in the cornfield
Cables - In the Underground Bunker of Area 4
Speedometer - Go by foot from Area 4 to Area 5. Stay to the right. Its inside a house.
The lever for the electricity in Area 4 does not count for this trophy! You need to equip each tool after it has been built!


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