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Black Ops II - Dance on my Grave Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Black Ops II - Dance on my Grave Trophy Guide  

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Description: In Green Run, acquire your Tombstone.

Start a match of Green Run with a split-screen or online partner. Ride the bus two times in a row until you come to the farm with the Underground Bunker. After exiting the bus, you can see a little hut on the right. Open the door of the hut to go down into the bunker. You need to collect three parts and put them together at the workbench. Look for a zombie hand, a panel and a lever. Turn on the power and the shutter will open up. Go up the stairs behind the shutter until your reach the Perk Machine. Buy the Tombstone perk and get yourself killed. Your partners may not revive you! After the round is over, you will respawn and have to go the the exact same location where you died. You can then pick up your tombstone which will give you back all the weapons as well as the trophy.


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