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Minecraft Xbox 360 How to make an Obsidian Generator

Tutorial Name: Minecraft Xbox 360 How to make an Obsidian Generator  

Category: Xbox 360 Achievements and Guides

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Okay so this is a pretty simple tutorial but I thought I'd post it because no one else has and not alot of people know how to make it.

What you need:
3 water buckets
1 lava bucket
Diamond Pickaxe

Step 1: Dig down 2 blocks 5 long twice 1 block away from each other.
Step 2: Dig down 3 blocks inbetween them
Step 3: cover up the middle whole on the top (So there should still be a 2 deep size who in the middle, it just has 1 layer of dirt over it)
Step 4: On 1 of the sides lay down a row of 5 redstone and on the other side place your 3 water bucket on the ends and in the middle.
Step 5: the las thing you have to do is place the lava bucket on the side that doesn't have water (over the redstone) place it in the middle, wait 4-5 second an pick it back up and mine the obsidian.

So you just have to repeat step 5 to keep on getting more obsidian.


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