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Bioshock 2: 9-Irony Achievement

Tutorial Name: Bioshock 2: 9-Irony Achievement  

Category: Xbox 360 Achievements and Guides

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This is a tutorial which can be hard to achieve as it is not explained very well in the achievement description.
Follow the steps below to earn the achievement.

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1) Load up the chapter Ryans Amusements which is chapter chapter 3.

2) After you complete your first harvest enter the area called "Journey to the Surface".

3) After about five meters look to your left and you will see a statue of Andrew Ryan sat behind a desk.

4) Activate the red button in front of the stage and he will begin talking.

5) Go over to the corner Andrew Ryan is not sat in and you will see a golf club.

6) Select the Telekinesis plasmid.

7) Using Telekinesis pick up the golf club.

8) Throw the golf club and Andrew Ryans head.

9) This is a referral to the first Bioshock. The achievement will pop up earning you 5G.

Here is a video tutorial in case of any issues:


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My pleasure :) I always like it when my tutorials actually help people out!
Thanks I needed this :P