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Halo 4 - Knight in White Assassination Achievement

Tutorial Name: Halo 4 - Knight in White Assassination Achievement  

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Halo 4 - Knight in White Assassination Achievement

Unlocked by Assassinating a Knight in any Spartan Ops mission.

One way to do this is have a friend distract a Knight while you sneak behind and Assassinate it.

The best way:

On Episode 1: Infinity. Before you do this, make a class with Promethean Vision.

After completing the first mini objective, you start going back to where you came from. A Knight will spawn around the corner. You will be informed by a voiceover. At this point, crouch around the corner and use promethean vision to watch the Knight, as he turns his back towards you, run up to him, and assassinate him.

As soon as you perform the Assassination, you will get the achievement.

Video by RoosterTeeth:


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You could actually just walk behind it without a problem, I've done it countless times! So it's easy to get this Solo.