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Halo 4 - No One Left Behind Achievement

Tutorial Name: Halo 4 - No One Left Behind Achievement  

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Halo 4 - No One Left Behind Achievement

Unlocked by saving at least one Marine on Spartan Ops: Episode 2 - Chapter 3 on Heroic or Harder.

I recommend you do this with 3 other players.

There are about 4 marines, stay by them and kill anything that might be a threat to them. Kill all Elites, Ghosts, Hunters, and Wraiths as soon as you can.Once you take out those specific enemies, it should be easy to save at least one Marine. Try to take the marines to the top of the Structure, give them some good guns and kill anything else that attacks. You might encounter some sword Elites, make sure you kill them as fast as possible.

At the end of the mission, you will get the Achievement.

Video by RoosterTeeth:


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I actually got this playing Solo - It was pretty hard but only took like two tries I'm pretty sure, so not bad.