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Halo 4 - Give Him the Stick Achievement

Tutorial Name: Halo 4 - Give Him the Stick Achievement  

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Halo 4 - Give him the Stick achievement

Unlocked by killing both Hunters with the Sticky Detonator on Mission 7

At the start of the mission, you will have a teammate die in front of you and drop a sticky detonator, make sure to pick it up

Further into the Mission, you will encounter 2 hunters, use the Sticky Detonator to kill both Hunters, it will take 2 Sticks to kill both. If you run out of ammo for the Sticky Detonator, you can find ammo in the room, one in a gun crate toward the back of the room, and you can find more within the white room.

Video by RoosterTeeth:


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It took me a while since I got this playing Legendary x)

I went straight to Legendary mode solo when I started playing Halo 4 and some how I managed to get this.