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How to make a lag switch (Easy tutorial)

Tutorial Name: How to make a lag switch (Easy tutorial)  

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Light switch

Ethernet Cable



First your going to want to start off by getting your Ethernet cable.

Your going to want to open it up with your knife and then find the orange wire.

After you find the orange wire you will then want to cut the orange wire until you hit the copper wire,make sure you have a decent size of copper wire.

After you find the copper wire you are going to want to take the screws off off your light switch.

Do not take them completely off just screw then to were you can wrap your copper wire on it.

Next you are going to wrap your copper wire onto your light switch wherever you unscrewed your screws.

Screw then back on and enjoy your lag switch..Simple right?

Tips on using your lag switch

Do not use longer than 8 seconds

Make sure your host when you use it

Be careful to not let the copper wire break

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Well i gonna make one

this is gonna be my first thing cause i dont got a JTAG so thx for the tut

(if someone knows where i can buy a JTAG cheap plz say it to me)
Good TUT Man
I Made One And It Works

TTG_LDDt wrote:

Or, use simple batch file to lag the server without **** breaking your inthernet.
This is the real version of the lag switch. All of the rest of the ones for wired connections are not real lag switches. Also ethernet cables are around $5 it is just pocket change really. It is not that big of a deal to do this.
Or, use simple batch file to lag the server without **** breaking your inthernet.