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Fable 3 money glitch *After Update*

Tutorial Name: Fable 3 money glitch *After Update*   Popular

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Fable 3 Money glitch *after update*

Step 1 : You need to connect another xbox 360 controller.
Step 2 : Start a co op game by pressing the start button on the second controller
Step 3 : Now take controller nr 1 and interact with the second carracter and select gift
Step 4 :when u are in the gift room go to the moneybag and give a gift with all the money u got, if u got moore than 100 000 gold then give two gifts,
Step 5 :leave the sanctuary with your carracter
Step 6 :enter the sanctuary with your second carracter and go to the gift case and press A button on the gift and then the X button to reject it
Step 7 :Leave the sanctuary with your second carracter and then leave the game by pressing the D-pad
Step 6 pres the start button again on your second controller to rejoin the game and the u repeat step 7, 8, and 9.
Step 9: Enter the sanctuary with your first carracter and collect all the gift

Enjoy your money

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I made a better tutorial i hope it goes through .. 22/04/2013 after latest update and it can work online aswell :)
Does this work on xbox now? if not tell me how ?
yeah this is old and is patched theres one that works but you have to do it offline and clear your system cache
Umm thats the old patched glitch Steven JnR
you missed out step 8...