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How to Mod Saints Row 3 (Money,Ammo,Weapons,Health,and more)

Tutorial Name: How to Mod Saints Row 3 (Money,Ammo,Weapons,Health,and more)   Popular

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How to Mod Saints Row 3

What you need:

Horizon ( [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] )
Your Saints Row 3 Gamesave on a USB (flash drive)

1. Move your SR3 gamesave onto a USB (flash drive).

2. Open up Horizon.

3. Go to Games.

4. Go to Saints Row 3, and it should either say AUTOSAVE or something else (if you saved it yourself, it won't say AUTOSAVE).

5. Drag that right on to your desktop and minimize Horizon.

6. Open up the SR3 editor, and click on Open.

7. Find the file you just dragged to your desktop, and click Open.

8. Here, you can change whatever you choose to change, it is up to you.

9. Once you are finished changing everything, click Save. It will automatically Rehash and Resign for you when you click Save.

10. Exit out of SR3 editor and go back to Horizon.

11. Drag your gamesave from your desktop right back into where you clicked it before.

12. When it asks if you want to overwrite it, click Yes.

13. Click OK at the message that pops up, and go ahead and eject your USB (flash drive) from your computer and insert it back into your Xbox 360.

14. Move your gamesave back onto your Hard drive, and you're done!

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will your account be banned if you do this on an online profile? or should i just do it on an offline occount
need help wont let me open my gamesave up???