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Deus Ex Mankind Divided - The Golden Rookery

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex Mankind Divided - The Golden Rookery  

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided - The Golden Rookery Trophy / Achievement Guide - Find the missing Gold Penguin and return him back to his colony. [Bronze / 10G]

Mission 7: The Rucker Extraction
The gold penguin is located in the starting area of this mission. After a police officer stops you, go up the ladder on the left, then the ladder on the right. Inside a building on the right side (after going up both ladders) is the penguin. It's a physical object that you must pick up and carry with you - it doesn't go in your inventory.
You have to deliver it to the the area with the first enemies of this mission. This is way later in the mission, near the end, but before talking to Rucker.

After getting the penguin just follow the waypoints and sneak past the policemen. Get the elevator keycard from the police officer in the second market area (after police station). The elevators are a shortcut and will make this much easier. In the area with the moving platforms you should hack the terminal (security level 5) to get to the elevator on the other side. Use a multi-tool if you can't hack it (can be crafted for 120 parts or found later in the mission).
When you reach the first area with enemies there's a cutscene. After the cutscene run straight to the end of the area and drop down one floor. Go through the door on the left. Here you can punch a hole in the wall. Behind that wall is the penguin colony. You need the "Punch Through Wall" augmentation for this! Just put the penguin on the chair with the other penguins and the trophy / achievement unlocks. You also get a free praxis kit for doing this, so it's well worth the trouble.


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