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Hitman - Drop the Bass

Tutorial Name: Hitman - Drop the Bass  

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Hitman Episode 4: Thailand - Drop the Bass Trophy / Achievement Guide - Eliminate both Morgan and Cross in a fall accident and both by dropping a coconut on their heads. [Bronze / 15G]

The required kills are all tied to opportunities.
Opportunities are unlocked from the start and will guide you through the level with waypoints. The video points out what opportunity you must complete. Doing so will lead to the point in the video.

Part 1: Jordan Cross Fall Accident
Complete opportunity "Man Machine". You will go to the rooftop with him. Let him talk until he leans over the railing and give him a push.

Part 2: Ken Morgan Fall Accident
Complete opportunity "On the House". After completing the opportunity stay in the penthouse with morgan. He will walk around and after two quick stops he will go to the balcony. Give him a push while his bodyguard waits around the corner.

Part 3: Kill both by dropping a Coconut on their head
Complete opportunity "Bugman". As soon as the opportunity is complete both targets should be in the atrium at the same time. Pollute the ventilation to knock everyone out. Now you can drag both targets under a palm tree. Shoot the coconuts in the tree and they will fall down onto the sleeping targets. This will kill both simultaneously. While draggin the bodies you are probably gonna get attacked by guards. Be cautious and shoot the guards when they arrive.

Doing all of this will also complete 3 Assassination Challenges: You'rse So Fly, I Believe I can Fly, Nutracker.


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