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Pokemon GO - Eggs and Incubators

Tutorial Name: Pokemon GO - Eggs and Incubators  

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Pokemon GO - Eggs and Incubators

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One of the items that can drop at a Pokestop is an egg. Eggs offers a unique opportunity to hatch a Pokemon that may not usually be available in a players area. Each egg has a distance associated with it and players need to walk that far with the egg in an incubator to hatch the egg. Eggs with greater distances are associated with more rare Pokemon. This is fun motivation to get out and moving, but Niantic doesnt explain how to equip an egg in the incubator very well in game.

Here is how its done:
In the Map View, touch the Main Menu
Touch Pokmon
At the top of the screen, touch the word Eggs
Select one of your Eggs
Touch Start Incubation
Select an incubator to use on your Egg
Walk to hatch the Egg

Only one egg can be in an incubator at a time and a player can hold up to nine eggs in inventory at once. Be sure you have the app open and running while getting steps or they wont count towards the eggs total.


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