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How Burn an XBOX 360 Game From an .iso File.

Tutorial Name: How Burn an XBOX 360 Game From an .iso File.   Popular

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How Burn an XBOX 360 Game From an .iso File.
By: Xbox360Xperts

This tutorial will give you a step by step how to properly burn an Xbox 360 game from an .iso file.

What youll need:

IMGBurn [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
DVD+R DL Double Layer DVDs. I always recommend Verbatim brand disks as they are higher quality and compatible with all XBOX 360 DVD Drives.

1. Launch IMGBurn and change the mode to Write if it is not already set.

2. Place a Verbatim DVD+R DL disk into the DVD burner drive on your PC and choose the corresponding drive in IMGBurn.

3. Click the open icon and browse to the game image that you want to burn.

4. You should find a .iso file and either a .dvd or .mds file in the folder. Always select the .dvd or .mds file as this file is a cue sheet that sets the layer break of the double layer DVD to the correct spot. If you do not select one of these files your DVD will burn but your Xbox 360 may see the file as a Mixed Media disc.

5. If you do not have a .dvd or .mds file click cancel and on the main IMGBurn window click Tools> Create DVD MDS File

6. You will be presented with a new window. Click the Add button.

7. Browse to the folder containing the game .iso file.

8. Select the game .iso file and click open.

9. Check the Layer Break LBA box and enter the number 1913760 and then click OK.

10. The .mds file will automatically be named to match your game.iso image so all you need to do is click Save.

11. You will be prompted with a new window telling you the file was successfully created.

12. Click the open icon and browse to the game image that you want to burn.

13. Select the newly created .mds file that we just created and click Open.

14. Set the burn speed to either 4x or 2.4x depending on your DVD drive and the disks that you have.

15. Uncheck Test Mode and Verify and click the write button.

Depending on your burn speed your disk will take 20-45 minutes to burn. Once completed you will be greeted with a success window. Test out the disk in your XBOX 360.


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