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Pokemon Go: advanced tips and tricks for catching pokemon

Tutorial Name: Pokemon Go: advanced tips and tricks for catching pokemon  

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Saving battery life
The Pokmon Go app will suck the life out of your battery before you know it. To stop it doing so quite as fast, head into the settings and turn on the battery saver option. If you sign out or shut down the app, youll need to go back into the settings to turn it on again. Its worth noting this because with the sheer amount of crashes and server issues going on, youll be shutting it down a lot.

If the app crashes just as youve caught a pokmon, head into your phones settings and force stop the app rather than just closing it. If you force stop, your catch will be recorded when you log back in. If you simply closed it down, it wont be. It worked for me.

Also, be mindful of your data. You need to be online to play, with your GPS on, so ideally you want to make sure you connect to Wi-Fi where possible.
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Best tips for catching Pokmon
Weve already covered the basics, but these tidbits will help you on your hunt.

You can use the bar at the bottom right of the map screen to see which pokmon are nearby. The distance is indicated by the footprints. As you walk around, getting closer to some pokmon and further away from others, the bar will refresh youll see it blink and you can check to see if youre getting warmer. Use it often if theres a specific pokmon youre looking to get your hands on. Just tap the one you want to track and keep an eye on the bar as you wander around. Dont forget to investigate areas with rustling leaves its likely a pokmon is grubbing around there.

Pokmons locations are related to their surroundings and time of day, and this applies to rare pokmon most of all. For example, water types will be near the water, and those that only hang around at night in the original games will, similarly, only come out in the evening.

Your trainer level dictates the level of pokmon youll encounter, and generally youll run across the evolved versions of pokmon in the same area as their unevolved forms.

When you find your quarry, the coloured ring around them will indicate how tricky theyll be to catch. The more difficult ones tend to have a higher CP. There are items you can use to increase your chances of successful catch, but they unlock as you level up, eventually acting as rewards for checking in at pokstops, and leveling up.

There are three additional tiers of pokballs. Great Balls unlock at level 12, Ultra Balls unlock at level 20, and at the moment, it looks like Master Balls may unlock at level 30. Save these for rare and legendary pokmon and if you use a Razz Berry beforehand (unlocked at level 8), the capture rate for the next ball will get an additional bump.

When you encounter a pokmon, theyll move around if youre not quick enough to catch them straight off the bat, so if youre burning through pokballs or just getting a bit nauseous from all of that spinning around, you can turn the AR off in the top right corner. Theyll appear in a virtual setting instead and wont move from the centre of the screen, making it much easier to catch them.
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Using the Lure Module
To make pokmon appear more frequently, you can use Incense to draw in nearby pokmon for 30 minutes, or a Lure Module to attract pokmon to a pokstop for 30 minutes. Only one trainer needs to activate a Lure Module at a pokstop for everyone to benefit, so dont toddle down there with a friend and both use one.

If you havent commenced your journey yet, when the time comes to catch a starter pokmon, its entirely possible to bypass the three of them and hold out for a Pikachu. When the trio pop up on your map, walk away. Theyll soon appear again, but ignore them and walk away again. Do this at least four times, and eventually a Pikachu will materialise for you to nab.
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How to get PokCoins and must-have items
As you level up and unlock items, youll find that the ones you need and use most frequently will be handed out as rewards for levelling up and checking in at pokstops. But there are some that may not appear that often, or are so invaluable that theyre the first thing you should be buying when you gather enough coins.

First things first; how do you amass PokCoins to begin with?

Aside from spending real money on them, you can get them by visiting pokstops, and although its a rare occurrence, if there are a few in your area, swing by all of them just in case.

A more reliable way to earn coins is to station your pokmon at gyms as a gym defender. You can have up to 10 of them allocated to different gyms at any one time and for every 20 hours a pokmon remains in a gym, youll be rewarded 10 pokcoins. So in theory you could earn 100 coins every 20 hours.

Theres also word of Nintendo and Niantic events that will give out pokcoins as rewards, so well keep an ear out for any news on that and update you when we hear more.

What do Lucky Eggs do?
When it comes to spending your pokcoins, theres no point frittering them away on items that you can easily collect at pokstops. The best item to buy that will also yield more items as a byproduct of being used, is the Lucky Egg.

Lucky Eggs will allow you to earn double XP for 30 minutes, and every time you level up, youre given more items. If you really want to maximise your XP, use it with an Incense or Lure Module, and get out and about to those pokstops.

The Bag Upgrade and Pokmon Storage Upgrade are only available in the shop, so if youve been transferring your duplicate pokmon for candy and are still running out of space, its worth investing.


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