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How to set up a PlayStation move

Tutorial Name: How to set up a PlayStation move  

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Setting up the PlayStation Move:

To pair the Move controller with your PlayStation 3 you will need to use a USB cable (you can use the one that came with your PlayStation 3 controller).

- While the PlayStation 3 is turned on connect the controller to the console via the USB cable.

- Press the PS button on the motion controller to pair this with your PlayStation3.

- When the controller is paired a red light will turn on, this will blink when the USB is plugged in to indicate its charging.

- We would advise when first using the controllers, to fully charge it until the light is solid red.

PlayStation Eye:

- Make sure the PlayStation Eye is connected to the PlayStation 3 via the USB port and is accepting power (a blue light on the Eye will indicate this).

- On the XMB navigate to 'Settings', then to 'Accessory Settings' and then press the X button.

- Navigate to the Camera Device Settings and press the X button.

- You should be able to see an image of the area the camera is pointing, on the screen- this will tell you it is working correctly.

The PlayStation Eye is essential to the functioning on the Move controller, and tracks the the sphere on top of the Move controller as well as body movement. Follow the steps for optimal performance using the PlayStation Eye:

- Set up the PlayStation Eye using wide angled mode by rotating the camera lens to the right. Check that the white dot on the top of the lens points to the blue dot on the top of the PlayStation Eye. This allows the PlayStation Eye to track the Move controller over the widest possible area.

- Place the PlayStation eye near to the televison and as near to the centre as possible. You can place the camera above or below the television, but nearest shoulder height is preferable.

- Avoid placing the Eye on a shiny surfaces as the reflections of players may interfere with the accuracy of tracking, and avoid tilting the camera down or up unless the game says so.

Additional Information:

1) The PlayStation Move controller will work in a variety of different lighting conditions but try to minimalise direct sunlight, glare or backlighting behind the player.

2) Every PlayStation move game will require the controller to be calibrated when the software is started. The on screen prompts should guide you through this process. You can recalibrate during play at anytime during gameplay by simply holding the SELECT button on the motion controller and following the onscreen instructions.

3) If you do not have navigation controller it is possible to use you DUALSHOCK 3 controller in tandem with the motion controller. The navigation contoller however has been designed for greater comfort.

4) The ideal distance to use the Move controller from is five-to-nine feet away (although the working distance is two-to-ten feet away).


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