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How to fix tools not wanting to work on Windows 8 or 10

Tutorial Name: How to fix tools not wanting to work on Windows 8 or 10  

Category: PS3 Jailbreak and CFW Tutorials

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Normally, most people on Windows 10 cannot open multiple tools. You may have tried multiple solutions, but nothing has worked. Well I'm sure that you will fix that today and I will show you how and what is causing it. This can happen to other people on a lower Windows version, depending what you have installed. This isn't a 100% solution, but this will most likely fix it if you've already tried other things. So let's begin..

So if you've already tried:
- Running as admin
- Disabling Anti-virus
- Running in Safe Mode

Then this will most likely be the cause. So I will guide you through this. Go to the Windows search thing, then type in Programs and Features, then launch it. Wait for everything to pop-up and then look for something called "Microsoft .NET Framework 6". You want to uninstall this! As this, for some reason, is causing the issue. After you uninstall go ahead and attempt to launch the tool again. It should open. Keep in mind this is used for VS if you use that and have it installed, so for you coders this may be a catch . Regardless, That's all congrats and have fun modding!
Credits to Dog88christian


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