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How to get into the secret spot on the Rust map mw2

Tutorial Name: How to get into the secret spot on the Rust map mw2  

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Start at the small piece of large brown pipe sticking out of the one corner, the piece that you can climb into.

Look left at the small 'container' there. if you go around to the other side, you can climb the small piece of wall and climb onto the roof of the container.

From Pipe; run up slanted pipe, make left at Y. Jump left onto building or right onto the tank there (the tank is good for 1 vs 1, people will know you are up high, but often not where you are).

Run up slanted pipe, left at Y, run straight ahead and then jump off of the left side into the wall there. You will land on an inches-wide ledge along the edge of that wall about 10 feet up, back into the corner and you are fairly well hidden (facing back towards where you ran up).

Run up pipe and stay to the right, run to the end, camp up there by the really high tower. You can also climb up the back of this spot from the barrels behind it and also from the small cement 'divider', climb the divider, climb the higher metal piece, jump to tower spot. Also, run all the way down the pipe to the corner, jump on the ledge at the end there to your left.

Burned-out Truck area; You can fit between the cab and tank of the burned-out truck.

In front of Truck; climb small divider, jump onto tank by small container (hard sometimes), climb on container.

Ladder going to the top: climb about 8-10 feet up, hit the jump button. You should land on a small crossbeam behind you that overlooks the High Tower area and the Ladder area.

Glitch into pipe: (this is patched on Xbox Live); If you haven't done any updates, you can glitch into the pipe. Start where it comes up out of the ground at a slant. Walk along the left side until you get just past where it leaves the ground. Do small jumps while pushing into the pipe there until you get in. You can still do this on XBL, but a 'death barrier' awaits you now inside.


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Yeah but since rust is so small you're gonna die easily lol


I legit didnt know alot of these spots...


Thanks for this post! They're some spots I didn't know about!