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How To Extract XGD3 Xbox 360 ISOs

Tutorial Name: How To Extract XGD3 Xbox 360 ISOs   Popular

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How To Extract XGD3 Xbox 360 ISOs

OPENING STATEMENT: As Many of you know, Just recently, Microsoft Has created a Anti-pirate code on the inner ring of the ISO Disks for new Xbox 360 Games. Well, if you try to Extract them from lets say, Wx360, You will get an error stating "This is not an xbox iso". Well, Luckily, We have Found a way around that!

Picture Below (Credits To Dragoscojan on ImageShack.)

Luckily, Our Friends Over at "EXISO" Have created a Semi-Complicated Program, That will fulfill you needs! So you will be able to play games Such as Saints Row: The Third

Now, Not Many People are exactly sure how to use this program, Mainly because it is not a UI Program and it is all through CMD. But i will walk you through the steps One by one!

This "tut" has pictures! For the users who are more visual! Don't Worry, I'm Exactly like you too lol

Alright, Without Further-adoo, i Present you, How To Extract XGD3 Xbox 360 ISOs


* Any Game ISO File. (Hopefully not BOOTLEGGED, We are watching You Arrow )
* A Computer (Oh god i hope so.)
* An Xbox (.......)
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Step: 1
Create A File (Call it The Game title.) and save the Xbox ISO File into this file.

Step: 2
Download The File i provided in the "Requirments" Section, The File is Called "EXISO"
(i don't believe this one needs a picture.)

Step: 3
Drag and drop the ISO File that is in the folder you made a few steps back, OVER The EXISO Program.

Step: 4
Now we Play the waiting Game..... Wink

Step: 5
Once it is done, Head back to the Original folder that you put the ISO in, And you should see a file (Which is identical to the name of the ISO)

Now You can use the Contents of that Folder for just about anything! These are the RAW Files.
Most people use them for JTAGS, Backups. Stuff like that.


* Dragoscojan on ImageShack For the Photo of the Disk

* Schmurtz For Creating Exiso GUI.

* And me For putting this Topic together.

I Really Hope i helped you guys:) A lot of people needed this. Thank you, if you have any questions, Be sure to PM me, or Just respond to this thread. Thank you<3 Laughing


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