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Skyrim - How To Get A Free House Anywhere

Tutorial Name: Skyrim - How To Get A Free House Anywhere   Popular

Category: Xbox 360 Achievements and Guides

Submitted By: ZFreak

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Skyrim - How to Get a Free House

What you need:

Enough gold to purchase the house

1. Find the person you will be buying the house from. Make sure you are both near some king of drawer/chest/anything you can store your money in.

2. Talk to him, and say you are interested in buying whatever house it is you want to buy.

3. Once you click "I'll take it.", press B IMMEDIATELY, and go to the drawer/chest/etc. that is in front of you.

4. Go to Misc. and put in all your money into the drawer/chest/ect.

5. Once you do that, exit out of that and it will say you got the key and everything, and you should still have your gold!

6. Enjoy your free house!

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Wow I played this game so many times and I've Never seen that achievement also
well this sure was a great tutorial.
Never knew about this.
Really appreciate it
I have done this in the past and can confirm that it works. A pretty helpful glitch if you ask me, saved me a fair bit of gold early on in the game when i actually needed it.
Nice glitch, nice TuT.
Thanks brotha!
hey, check out my skyrim gameplay here


ryan1198 wrote:

Do you have to have the gold to buy the house?
you have to have the gold on you :)
Do you have to have the gold to buy the house?