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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Complete Guide to Buying a House

Tutorial Name: Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Complete Guide to Buying a House   Popular

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Buying a House - Complete Guide

In Skyrim, there are 5 houses in which you may purchase:

1. Proudspire Manor - Solitude
2. Vlindrel Hall - Markath
3. Breezehome - Whiterun
4. Hjerim - Windhelm
5. Honeyside - Riften

To purchase a house, you must consult with the city's Steward.

However, before purchasing a house, you MUST gain permission from the Jarl of the city.

The costs of the houses are as follows:

Breezehome - 5000 Gold

Honeyside - 8000 Gold

Vlindrel Hall - 8000 Gold

Hjerim - 12000 Gold

Proudspire Manor - 25000 Gold

The prices are NOT negotiable.

The upgrades for the houses are also obtainable through each of the city's Stewards.

When you purchase the house, the Steward will provide you a Home Owner's Guide that contains information of the house's upgrades.

Each house provides different upgrades.

i.e Alchemy Stations, Enchantment Rooms, Entrance Halls, etc.

Video Guide:

That is everything you need to know about purchasing a house in Skyrim!




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Is it true that if you get married then you get a free house, I heard that from someone before, wasn't too sure what to believe