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How To Mod GTA IV (Original) On Xbox 360 (USB)

Tutorial Name: How To Mod GTA IV (Original) On Xbox 360 (USB)   Popular

Category: Xbox 360 Game Modding Tutorials

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1. Put your GTA IV Save on your USB
2. Plug Your USB into your computer
3. Download and open Horizon
4. Click the USB Icon at the side and find your GTA IV Save
5. Click Mod and do what you like with it
6. Rehash and Resign
7. Close Horizon and plug your USB back into your Xbox
8. Move the save back over to your hard drive

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"How To Mod GTA IV (Original) On Xbox 360 (USB)" | Login/Create an Account | 14 comments
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XxMOB3RB33ASYxX wrote:

when i plug it back into my xbox it says "game save corrupted" any help??

Try Modio Beta (2.0) or Modio
It might help you.
A few of my friends do this it's pretty sick I think usb mods are cool
I remember when I used to mod this way when modding clan tags and gamertags was popular
Ah. GTA IV modding, one of the best.
Thanks for this, I've modded GTA4 on my Xbox 360 a few times and have to say that it's a lot of fun.
do these mods work online?

BorgoreDZN wrote:

Would LCPDFR Work for this?

no lcpdfr has to use keyboard keys
do these mods work online as well or just offline? please respond
Would LCPDFR Work for this?
This also works online?