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Arcade Demo to Full Conversion for Homebrew 360s

Tutorial Name: Arcade Demo to Full Conversion for Homebrew 360s  

Category: Xbox 360 Miscellaneous

Submitted By: I_R_T9X

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This tutorial will explain how you can find the difference between a Live Arcade Demo and full Xbox Live Arcade game and will teach you how to convert demos to full version games you have purchased.

Let's Get Started
1. Find a copy of Yaris (this game was chosen as it runs everywhere as full).
2. Open the pirs file in your favorite hex editor (filename was FB9310B8893A3FD01C443A29AC246493393E399558 )
3. Copy everything from 0x22C to 0x25F inclusive.
4. Shown as selected on this image (guess you don't need to find Yaris if you want to just copy the values highlighted).
5. Open your destination (in my case Castle Crashers filename: F9432A7FE407A3C196C95D0FFD4A540937FD4EEC58)
select 0x22C, and paste (overwrite, not insert). File size should NOT change.

Please Note
This is probably illegal if you didn't actually buy the actual Xbox Live Arcade game. But as running a "homebrew enabled" Xbox 360 is not (and probably will never be) safe to connect to LIVE this is way to make your Arcade games you bought play in full version on your homebrew Xbox 360.

- FreeXeX360 :: Arcade Demo to Full Converter v0.1
- Yaris-Swap v0.02 (by zouzzz)

2 tools to help you auto-patch arcade games have been released as well.

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