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Fifa 12 99% Virtual Pro Complete Download

Tutorial Name: Fifa 12 99% Virtual Pro Complete Download   Popular

Category: Xbox 360 Game Modding Tutorials

Submitted By: Sentox

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1. Insert your memory stick into your computer with your FIFA 12 settings on it

2. Open up then explore your device and find your FIFA 12 settings

3. Once found extract the settings to desktop and remember which one that is (your virtual pro)

4. the modded settings in the description of my and save them to your desktop and remember which file that is (downloaded virtual pro)

5. Drag both yours and the downloaded settings you have into

6. Remember which one is which then copy the device and profile id from your settings of your memory stick into the downloaded settings profile and device id

7. Rehash and resign the downloaded file then move it into your device then remove your old settings on your memory stick so you only have the downloaded file you have modified on it

Your virtual pro will be orange skinned so just your gameface from the internet and the skin colour will be back to normal.

Modding Setting:

Here is a 99% Completed Pro Game Save.

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"Fifa 12 99% Virtual Pro Complete Download" | Login/Create an Account | 8 comments
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broomy69 wrote:

s*** download just makes your xbox crash

sorry got it working mint download lol thanks dude
s*** download just makes your xbox crash
Thanks so much bro, worked first time.
The mod says its corrupted on the game and IT sometimes freezes my game and i did everything right cus i did the exact same as what i did with the 91% pro, I NEED HELP PLEASE!
bang on this mate cheeers i had a bit of trouble with fifa freezing after i did it but you have to delete the %20 at the begining of the modded save file for it to work thanks

MrEdy93 wrote:

Bro is this for PS3??

Nope Xbox 360 Sorry i Dont Have PS3 As They Suck

Bro is this for PS3??
is there anyway u can help threw xbox live please! XMODZXBKX
please and thank u!