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Civilization Revolution-Curse of the Drinking Class [25G]

Tutorial Name: Civilization Revolution-Curse of the Drinking Class [25G]  

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Develop a city to produce 200 resources per turn.

Choose the Americans as your Civilization.

Early on in the game, take your SETTLERS to a large mountainous area (4+ large peaks!) and build your CITY.


Keep building everything! BUILDINGS and WONDERS at the same location.

Switch your government to Communism.

As you get to 1980, or so, and your other CITIES have run out of things to build, start building SETTLERS at these CITIES and move them (via ROADS) to your mountain retreat.

By 2000 you should have well over 200 PRODUCTION.

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thanks for the tutorial when i get the game im definitely going to be having this as a reference.
I need to get this game, it seems really good. Thanks for posting this.
I really need to go for this achievement in the near future, this should help me out a fair lot with it, thanks!