It is a new week and that means a new round of Xbox Live Deals with Gold has been announced by Microsoft, and the discounts are not too bad. You can find deals on Forza, Rocksmith, Back to the Future, The Walking Dead and more. The Forza Horizon 3 car pass is currently 40 percent off, while the Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass is 80 percent off. You can also grab the Forza Horizon 2 and Forza more
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Microsoft announced last month the Games with Gold for January 2017. We're now on January 16 and the second wave of free games for Xbox Live Gold members has been released. Members can now get both Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra Edition for Xbox One and Rayman Origins for Xbox 360 (also compatible with Xbox One).
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Microsoft has today shown off a sneak peek at the Xbox One’s new user interface and Guide, which will be available as part of a new system update set to be released for testing next week. Head of platforming engineering for Xbox, Mike Ybarra, took to his Beam channel earlier to live stream a few Xbox games while chatting with fans. During the broadcast, Ybarra also provided viewers with a more
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Another unfortunate blip in Nintendo Switch’s accessory nightmare, the bundle Joy-Con Grip will be different than the Joy-Con Charging Grip. The main difference is in the name — the standard Joy-Con Grip bundled with Nintendo Switch won’t be able to charge the Joy-Con controllers on the go. Whether this is a problem depends on how you plan on using your console. According to the Joy-Con more
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The next big update for Windows 10 and Xbox One will bring about certain changes to the way the Home Button works, and how Windows handles games. The Creators Update is the name of the next major Windows 10 update. Now that Windows 10 and the Xbox One OS are built on the same tech, Xbox users will also be seeing some changes. Microsoft noted some of the coming changes in a blog post. more
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Now that the Nintendo Switch release date and price have been revealed, we’re learning a ton of information about it, almost every hour. Among the tidbits we learned most recently is that if users want to store a ton of games on the console, they’ll be able to do so, though not out of the box. Instead, users will be able to get a 2TB SD Card. Game Reactor Spain learned about the ability to more
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The head of the Xbox brand, Phil Spencer, wanted to give his impressions on the new machine of Nintendo. Nintendo Switch occupied most of the news yesterday and Spencer has not missed a single detail about the last event of the Big N. The executive is a big fan of the brand and is not really excited at the arrival of a new titles Of Zelda and Mario. From his personal Twitter account he left his more
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With the Nintendo Switch's price and release date finally revealed at an event in Japan, finer details regarding the console are slowly emerging. According to Netflix's customer support, the Nintendo Switch does not support popular TV and movie streaming service Netflix. This could be a major blow to the console. Netflix has more than 80 million subscribers the world over. It's even more
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Phil Spencer comments positively about two upcoming Xbox games, Crackdown 3 and Phantom Dust. Today Microsoft Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer took to Twitter again to respond to questions from the fans, and he had some comments to share about the upcoming games Crackdown 3 and Phantom Dust.
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The most appealing part of the Nintendo Switch from a hardware perspective is its switching capability- the way it can seamlessly turn from being a home console to a portable to a standalone gaming unit, without having to fiddle with wires or connectors. We’ve seen the Switching in motion a lot- but we’ve never actually seen it in real time so far. And there’s always some skepticism more
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