If you are waiting to get your hands on the new Xbox One experience that will be released for everyone in November, and if you are a member of the preview program but still didn’t get selected among the “chosen few,” it’s time to check out your console. Several users have reported today in the private preview forums that a new batch of invites has rolled out, s more
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Rocket League is getting a new DLC pack inspired by Psyonix’s first effort in the vehicular sports genre, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.
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Microsoft is betting big on gaming these days, as evidenced by the new DirectX 12 kit for PCs and Xbox as well as the upcoming Windows 10 release on Xbox One. Today, Microsoft deepens its toolkit for game developers with the acquisition of Havok, the leader of 3D game physics. Formerly owned by Intel, which acquired Havok back in 2007 for $110 million, Havok will will more
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The final Xbox One bundle to be announced this week contains the highly anticipated Fallout 4. The Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle features a 1TB hard drive, a digital copy of the game and a full-game download of Fallout 3. Having a larger drive will also give you room for all of those Fallout 4 PC mods coming first on Xbox One in early 2016. more
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More features are being added to the Xbox Beta App for Windows 10 this weekend, and there’s also news on when Cortana will be added. Features being added to the program this weekend are: Party text chat – Now available for Xbox Beta app members. Read and reply to messages directly from notifications – Now able to quickly reply di more
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Need for Speed closed beta sign-ups closed on September 25, and now invites are being sent out. However, there is one problem, some people were unfortunate enough to receive a different platform code than the one they originally signed up for, like an Xbox One code instead of PS4 and vice versa. EA, the game’s publisher, is aware of the problem and is fixing it in the next batch of invites. Since this is a closed beta, you can’t share any captured footage.
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Rather than sticking to pre-defined PR lines, Xbox boss Phil Spencer really takes the executive rigmarole out of his interactions with the public. More than once we've seen and heard Spencer say and do things that shows he's really on the same level as gamers, and now he's actually delivered some level-headed responses to Xbox LIVE disruptions. When a huge global more
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Just in case you bought Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 and intend to stick with it, there’s some free content coming your way. Following its recent statement addressing the issue faced by almost all players in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, Activision has today revealed that there’s going to be some free DLC for the game. The game comes with eight levels and ten skat more
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If you're having trouble getting online with your Xbox One, you're not alone. Microsoft is reporting an issue with signing in to Xbox Live. "Hey Xbox members, are you having issues signing in to Xbox Live? We are aware of this and are working hard to get it resolved ASAP!" reads an update posted on the Xbox Live status page at 1:23 PM PDT on October 1. "Thank you for being patient in the more
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Last year, Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched and while fans enjoyed getting the chance to relive the series' origins, the game's multiplayer experience was less than ideal. 343 Industries took to heart the things that transpired last year and seem to have a renewed sense of focus with Halo 5: Guardians' multiplayer. Multiplay more
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