The next Rocket League update will add a stack of free content to the PC version of the indie sports game. This is not unusual, but what is new is that the December 1 content drop will be Portal-themed, thanks to a collaboration with Valve. Anybody who owns the full game will be able to collect a set of the gear listed below. You’ll find these in end of match drops, wh more
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Xbox head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to confirm that new Xbox 360 backwards compatible games on Xbox One will be revealed each month. Spencer didn’t elaborate on the number of titles to be announced, nor a specific time each month when the announcement would be named.
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If you're a PC gamer this December, you certainly have more to look forward to than your console counterparts, though a bunch of those games do seem to be re-releases or ports. Let's start off with that's new shall we?
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Earlier this week we reported that Nintendo’s three-year old home console was making waves at Target, placing in the top three selling items during Black Friday. However, according to an official press release from Target, Wii U was the best-selling item at Gaming consoles were popular in stores and online, including Nintendo Wii U, which was th more
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PlayStation 4 players have had a pretty good year, all things considered. What with games like Until Dawn, the Nathan Drake Collection, Galak-Z and Bloodborne, it's probably good that in December, you get a little break.
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More evidence is piling up that a port of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the Xbox 360 will very soon come to PlayStation 3. First an Amazon and GameStop listing of a physical version of the game appeared, and now we have Exophase pulling trophies from the PlayStation Network that match the Achievements on the Xbox 360 rerelease. This updated San Andreas fe more
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If you asked the gaming community at large which game they would most like to a see a current generation sequel, the answer would almost assuredly be Red Dead Redemption. There have been few games that were as loved as that original title that have also been inexplicably left alone by their developers. In some circles, the game is as popular and has as devoted a more
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While there is very little doubt that Fallout 4’s launch was plenty successful, there have been some problems popping up here and there since the game went live. Some of those issues have been fixed thanks to the game’s very first patch but there are some other issues that have popped up even after that fix. One such bug has become even more problematic, because th more
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Last week, Sony quietly released PS2 emulation on the PlayStation 4 via four classic games that came along with the Star Wars Battlefront PS4 bundle. Sony later officially confirmed that they are indeed working on the feature. The emulation brings along a number of benefits such as better frame rate and resolution, along with improv more
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Black Friday and the beginning of the holiday season turn November into a period of high sales for consoles every year, and this year has been particularly strong according to insider Tidux, who has proven to have solid connections at Sony Computer Entertainment in the past. Among to the data he just presented, we learn that PS4 has sold over a million units in the more
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