August's Xbox One update reportedly alters the console's existing boot screen. According to preview testers with early access to some features, the dots in the image below will be added to the current boot up screen, which is blank apart from the Xbox logo. "We finally have a way to know our Xbox isn't frozen on bootup screen," said one Reddit user. "I believe the green 'X' in the logo pulsed, but it was an extremely subtle effect," said another
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Sky's Now TV app has launched on PS4, according to PlayStation Europe's English community manager Chris Owen. Sony confirmed in May that it had partnered with Sky to introduce PS4 support for Now TV this summer and Sky Go later this year. Now TV offers on-demand access to some of Sky's most popular content including films and sports, while Sky Go lets users watch Sky TV on a range of devices in line with their exis more
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Ah, there it is. A new version of Valve's Steam Controller includes an analog stick on the left-hand side, replacing a series of four directional buttons previously in its place. The new controller design still has two circular track pads, four lettered buttons, bumpers and triggers, among other features included in previous iterations. The new design shows up in the latest Steam more
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Bungie is offering Destiny Beta participants an exclusive reward for the full version of the game as an incentive for logging in this weekend, according to an in-game message relayed to players today. "To earn your reward, play the Destiny Beta on Saturday, June 26th at 2pm PDT (9pm GMT)," the message reads. Bungie did not specify what the rew more
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Microsoft has feature updates planned for Xbox One through October, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer Spencer regularly answers questions from fans via his Twitter account, addressing everything from exclusive games to developer kit releases. Earlier this week, he gave a bit of insight into Microsoft's continued plan to flush out its new-gen console. "We've worked throu more
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Combined shipments of Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles hit around 1.1 million in the quarter ended June 30, Microsoft has announced. This is up from the 1 million consoles it sold during the same period last year when only Xbox 360 was available, which has helped drive Xbox Platform revenue up $104 million or 14 per cent verses last year. The firm has not, howeve more
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A few hours ahead of it’s originally announced return on July 23, it appears that the Destiny beta is now back up and running on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Additionally, Bungie is now welcoming all users, including gamers on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, to join the Beta at this time as well. Codes have been sent and can be viewed either on your profil more
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People are always excited for the new iPhone that launches ever year, and it looks like Apple has great confidence in its 2014 offerings. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has ordered 80 million units off the production line, to be ready for the expected fall launch. Rumours regarding the iPhone 6 models have been going around for almost a whole yea more
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Sony has confirmed plans to release PS4 system update 1.74 in the near future. Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said in June that a number of highly anticipated PS4 features announced when the console was revealed in February 2013 are still in development, although he couldn't give a timeframe for their release. One is a resume and suspend feature, which is expected to significantly red more
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Today, developer Respawn Entertainment is introducing the last of three multiplayer maps being offered in Titanfall’s upcoming Frontier’s Edge DLC. Meet Haven, a beach resort situated on the edge of a massive crater lake that caters to the wealthy elite of the Frontier. “Pilots utilize the sheer walls of hotel skyscrapers to gain high groun more
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