Rocket League shot to fame earlier this year after its inclusion as a free PlayStation Plus Instant Collection title helped it go kind of viral. The future sports sim is still going strong on the PSN and Steam, with regular updates and even free DLC for PC players, but it looks like it’s coming to Xbox One now, too: Gematsu spotted Psyonix’s runaway success on Taiwan’s games rating database. This more
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Black Friday sales of the Xbox One were quite impressive, according to Microsoft. The company is pointing to a number of different deals that were offered during the biggest shopping day of the year including some bundles that saw the console fly off the shelves. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg stated that the Black Friday sales were really strong more
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Just Cause 3’s launch was a bit of a mess on consoles- we know that, we covered it in our technical analysis for the game. But apparently, the PC version of the game isn’t getting off scot free either. Players are reporting multiple issues with the game, including glitches in the textures, disappearing water effects and problematic frame rates. The Just Cause more
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The PlayStation Experience is a massive convention, and a chance for fans to play upcoming and released PlayStation games hands on, socialize with other fans, and to attend panels and keynotes about the making of their favorite games and franchises. But the star of the show is undoubtedly the keynote, where all major upcoming games are more
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A new stealth update by Sony for the PS4 has allowed developers to take advantage of a new CPU core. This follows Microsoft unlocking an extra CPU core for the Xbox One, thus allowing for improved performance. Sony stated that, “Core 6 is now denoted as shared, and for new captures, Razor splits the activity on that core between user and system. Old captures still show core 6 as a syste more
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The next Rocket League update will add a stack of free content to the PC version of the indie sports game. This is not unusual, but what is new is that the December 1 content drop will be Portal-themed, thanks to a collaboration with Valve. Anybody who owns the full game will be able to collect a set of the gear listed below. You’ll find these in end of match drops, wh more
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Xbox head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to confirm that new Xbox 360 backwards compatible games on Xbox One will be revealed each month. Spencer didn’t elaborate on the number of titles to be announced, nor a specific time each month when the announcement would be named.
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If you're a PC gamer this December, you certainly have more to look forward to than your console counterparts, though a bunch of those games do seem to be re-releases or ports. Let's start off with that's new shall we?
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Earlier this week we reported that Nintendo’s three-year old home console was making waves at Target, placing in the top three selling items during Black Friday. However, according to an official press release from Target, Wii U was the best-selling item at Gaming consoles were popular in stores and online, including Nintendo Wii U, which was th more
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PlayStation 4 players have had a pretty good year, all things considered. What with games like Until Dawn, the Nathan Drake Collection, Galak-Z and Bloodborne, it's probably good that in December, you get a little break.
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