Windows 10 is easily one of Microsoft’s most important launches in years, as the company looks to regain the ground it lost with Windows 8. At this point it’s beyond safe to say that the company’s current desktop operating system is a flop, with many consumers and businesses alike doing everything they can to avoid it. Windows 10 dials back many of the controversial visual more
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The past few weeks have been fruitful for Windows 10 fans with a new mobile build released and even a leaked build of the desktop version showing up online as well. Even though we do not have a new leaked build to play with this week, the next best thing, screenshots, from a new build have appeared online. Images from build 10064 have surfaced and while there are not any major UI changes, the more
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The latest Xbox One update’s gone into beta testing. The beta for the Xbox One’s May system software update has arrived. As well as fixing a couple of issues, you can now multitask and leave voice messages while in a party. Find an existing preview member if you want to take a look. Swear them your fealty to get an invite. Or just ask very nicely.
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Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that we should expect the announcement of a new exclusive title at E3 in June, as the company increases focus on first-party content. Microsoft’s head of Xbox Phil Spencer has revealed an increased interest in making exclusive first-party titles for Xbox One. The executive took to Twitter to tease E3 announcements and more. Spencer first confirmed that there’ll be a new exclusive IP at E3 this year.
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As more and more mod makers for Grand Theft Auto V dig into the games files and find their way around the unofficially named RAEA (Rockstar Annoying Encryption Algorithm), the encryption is starting to finally make sense. It would appear as though it’s in place to help try and hide away some files that Rockstar might not have wanted you to more
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The latest teasers coming out of Snapchat in relation to Call of Duty Black Ops III may well point towards memory implantation in patients. This is exceptionally interesting in regards to Call of Duty because it points towards a gameplay story that doesn’t rely on the, “here’s the bad guy, he’s actually a good guy, that bloke is t more
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A participant for a survey allegedly concerning BioWare’s next Mass Effect title has come forward with information that details nearly all aspects of the game, which we previously learned will take place on a new timeline with new characters. “Sometimes I take surveys online for a little extra money. One day last month I got one with t more
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Xbox Live social services including friend list, party chat and logging in are currently suffering from connectivity issues on Xbox One and Xbox 360. At the time of writing the Xbox Live Status page does not currently reflect the problems, but we can confirm that the service is having difficulties. The Xbox Support Twitter did acknowledge service problems as well as down detector. Xbox Live and PSN took a hit last year when the Lizard Squad were running rampant but it seems the group is back to their old tricks once again.
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Star Wars: Battlefront will take place during the original film trilogy’s timeline, according to a report from the Associated Press. It appears the information was posted ahead of time, (via Kotaku) as the report is written in past tense. According to the report, players will take part in “frenzied shoot-outs between up to 40 players” with the option to choose either the Rebe more
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More GTA 5 information has been posted by modders poking around in the files of the PC version. This time, instead of zombies and horses, textures for the Army Cavalcade, Feroci and SuperGT vehicles have been found. New leaked vehicles Barbarian, Detonator and Tampa are also mentioned in the thread. A screencap of the files was posted on more
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