Halo: The Master Chief Collection developer 343 Industries is offering an invitation the the community’s most active members to beta test upcoming updates for the game. North American players who’ve opted-in via the Xbox One Preview program will get a chance to participate in the tests, according to the studio’s latest blog entry, beginning this Friday more
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Publisher Bohemia Interactive has revealed that DayZ, the cult-hit, open-world zombie survival game, has attracted more than three million sales since its debut on Steam's Early Access platform. DayZ arrives at this milestone only a year after reaching Early Access. Despite pragmatic warnings from DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall that the Early Access vers more
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As promised late last year, developer Redlynx has added online multiplayer gameplay modes to its stunt-platforming motorcycle game Trials Fusion in a new, free update. According to publisher Ubisoft, the new online multiplayer options support up to eight players, and include three gameplay options. Online-X Supercross pits eight players against each more
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The first-off-the-line Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 went for ¥15.135 million in an online charity auction last night, which converts to a stunning $128,000. Sony Japan's auction ended this weekend with the huge bid on the special grey console, which is unit "00001" of 12,300. "We appreciate all who participated in the auction and are surprised at the highest bid price, which was higher than our expectations," a Sony representative told the Wall Street Journal, perhaps with an agape mouth and a lack of blinking.
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Microsoft has detailed the set of games discounted in this week's Xbox Live Deals with Gold. The featured games this round are Sunset Overdrive and Dead Rising 3. These deals will last until January 26th. Take a look at the deals this week listed below. Xbox One Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition - Xbox One Game (40% off) Sunset Overdrive - Xbox One Game (40% off) Sunset Overdrive Deluxe - more
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Microsoft took to the stage today at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington to talk about the next chapter of Windows 10. One of the new items that is shipping with the OS is a new browser that the company hopes will reinvigorate its place in the browser wars. The browser is called Spartan, for now, as it is a project name and it will support a new rendering engine. You can more
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Wing Commander, and more recently Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts recently delivered his BAFTA Masterclass presentation in Los Angeles and via Twitch, revealing target launch dates for each phase of the game. As reported by Polygon, the beta programs for the game's first-person shooter and planetside components are due this spring, followed by arena commander 2.0 more
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With the upcoming launch of the Havoc DLC for Advanced Warfare on Xbox, Sledgehammer Games announced that Double XP will be turned on for all platforms starting January 23rd at 9AM PST and ending on January 26th at 9AM PST. Along with Double XP, Sledgehammer Games announced that the map "Comeback" will be getting it's own 24/7 playlist this weekend. With this, there will be a new Hardcore Moshpit playlist added into the game. Havoc DLC launches first on Xbox Live starting January 27th.
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During the Windows 10 keynote, Microsoft announced a new augmented reality holographic headset named Microsoft Hololens, which will allow us to display holograms in the real world around us, even if of course they’ll just be visible in the headset itself. Of course the Hololens headset, which has a see-through lens in front of your eyes, is fully compatible with games, an more
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Windows 10 will feature Xbox system-level apps, including friends lists, activity feeds, messages, clip sharing and clip recording services, Microsoft announced during a conference today. The Xbox app will appear on every Windows PC and tablet. Each user's list of games in Windows 10 will be platform-agnostic, meaning Steam games are listed next to Windows more
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