Last month Activision's CoD: Ghosts had it's Onslaught DLC receive a free trial for players to fully utilize the content during a weekend, this month games on the PS3 and PS4 will enjoy the same opportunity. The PS3 and PS4 free trial weekend starts April 25fh at 10AM PDT and concludes on April 28th again at 10AM PDT. The Onslaught DLC is usually priced at $15 USD and contains four new multiplayer maps, one new weapon, and the first chapter in their ever evolving Extincion four-part storyline.
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Undead Labs has released a update that touches on a slew of areas within their zombie epic "State of Decay"; this update adds clear changes to game physics, shooting animations, game sounds, zombies as a whole, and overall game AI. State of Decay was released on June 5th 2013 for the Xbox 360 but didn't enter Steam Early Access until September 20th that year.
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Today 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have released a 50 minute interactive trailer for their upcoming 4v1 multiplayer game slated to arrive on next-gen consoles and PC sometime this fall. The sci-fi project was acquired by 2K Games as part of the 2011 THQ bankruptcy; those who preorder the title as eligible to receive a free DLC character and Savage Goliath skin.
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Today Microsoft Japan released a list of developers and publishers that have games planned for Xbox One, and that quite impressive list hides an even more impressive piece of information: only a few of those developers and publishers have already announced their games, meaning that there are quite a few brewing behind the scenes and yet unknown. Below you can see the list of studios, with those that haven’t yet announced a title for Xbox One bolded.
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revamped website for Destiny, Bungie's upcoming sci-fi shooter, has spilled the proverbial space-beans on player classes Titan, Hunter and Warlock. The new info also details the various enemies players will no doubt be 360-noscoping in the face, as well as locales where said leet skillz will be on display. Destiny's classes hew close to the holy RPG trinity of Fig more
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The Xbox One launches in Japan on September 4, Microsoft announced this morning. The company didn't disclose a launch price or which launch titles to expect, but there are just over 40 confirmed Xbox One games for the country, including Titanfall, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 15 and Sunset Overdrive. Japan was previously confirmed as one of 26 territories expecting the system in September, bu more
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Grand Theft Auto 5 didn’t come with a jetpack, which we’re sure hacked off some San Andreas fans, but one gamer has reportedly discovered data strings that suggest Rockstar is going to add one into the game. It follows a site listing GTA 5 PS4 for pre-order. We’re still none the wiser about whether or not the game is coming to PC or new-gen formats yet. Now, a member of S more
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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg requested a demo with Sony's Project Morpheus PS4 VR headset just one week before announcing his acquisition of Oculus, according to PlayStation marketing exec Guy Longworth. Speaking during a panel at the Games Marketing Summit 2014, Longworth revealed that Zuckerberg asked for a "tech demo" just before Faceboo more
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Mojang's Owen Hill offers new details on forthcoming ports Mojang is aiming for a 'Q2 / Q3' release for Minecraft on PlayStation 4 and Vita, a spokesperson has said. The news comes via Mojang's Owen Hill, who has addressed several fan questions in the comments section of a recent PlayStation blog. Answering to queries regarding the Vita edition, Hill writes that the port wil more
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CI Games' upcoming action-RPG Lords of the Fallen received a new trailer showing some exceptionally bloody duels to be found within the title. Lords of the Fallen is a action-RPG slated to arrive on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam sometime later this year; the new trailer can be found below!
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