United Front Games, the devs of the classic Sleeping Dogs game officially shut down last month. The developers had most of their equipment up for sale at an auction from which a user managed to buy the PS4 Dev Kit, with over 800 Gigabytes of data on it. Sleeping Dogs was a massive success when launched back in 2012. Many people called it the GTA V from Asia. Many gamers and critics from all more
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Over the weekend, Sony released gameplay footage from the upcoming Crash Bandicoot remaster. Clearly the game looks like a completely different beast versus the original game from back in the day, but for those who are wondering how different the game looks from then and now, YouTuber Cycu1 has uploaded footage that compares them side-by-side. Note that for the most part, the remaster tries to more
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The Wipeout Omega Collection was announced at PSX today, featuring remasters of Wipeout HD, Fury, and 2048. All three titles will be in 4K and HDR, running at 60fps. There will be nine modes to choose from, 26 unique tracks, and 46 ship models. Online and local mutiplayer will both be supported. You can look forward to taking a spin around memory lane in summer, 2017.
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Despite the Xbox 360 outselling the PlayStation 3, many gamers were convinced late into the console’s lifespan to purchase Sony’s machine for one very good reason: The Last of Us. Following two unlikely companions - Ellie and Joel - in a post-apocalyptic world, players were led through an emotional story, filled with twists and turns, and given a bittersweet ending. Despite the game’s more
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Crash Bandicoot made an appearance at the PlayStation Experience today with the announcement of a remaster. The N. Sane Trilogy features sparkly new versions of Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and Crash Bandicoot: Warped. To mark the 20th anniversary of the series, you can go ahead and download the demo right now. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy will release in more
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Grand Theft Auto Online has another big update coming with Import/Export and it brings a rather awesome new addition to executive criminals. You can use Executive Office Garages which lets you to store up to 60 vehicles. There will also be some new jobs centered on Import/Export, allowing CEOs to continue expanding their criminal empire. You’ll be boosting and reselling most wanted vehicles more
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While we will have to wait for the NPD numbers to report what system ultimately ended up dominating in the all important holiday shopping month of November, we are already starting to get preliminary reports about Black Friday specifically, commonly referred to as the largest day for shopping in the year. This newest report by InfoScout (which was provided to GamingBolt), America’s leading more
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Following it’s less than positive outlook on estimated sales for VR platforms like PlayStation VR and Google Dream, analyst firm SuperData noted digital revenue for the month of October. It revealed that Battlefield 1 was the highest grossing game on consoles and seventh highest on PC. The FPS brought in $70 million in revenue on Xbox One and PS4 and $110 million across all platforms. Sadly, more
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Microsoft today added two more games to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list, adding Haunted House and Injustice: Gods Among Us. The list is closing in on its next milestone of 300 titles, as today's additions put it at 297. Its last milestone was on September 15, when Microsoft announced that it had 250 backward compatible games. Four games were added on Tuesday, so if the company keeps more
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Creative Assembly and 343 Industries’s Halo Wars 2 got an exciting new cinematic trailer today, which featured Atriox, the game’s villian. 'His name is Atriox, a Brute enslaved by the Covenant who eventually rose up against his masters and became a legend. His rebellion inspired the birth of The Banished, a savage army of mercenaries and killers now on the brink of acquiring the most more
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