Xbox One Insiders have a chance to try out Microsoft’s latest firmware update, which means we all finally get a better look at what it contains. Microsoft detailed the new firmware on Xbox Newswire. One of the key features is previously reported changes to the Home button, with an emphasis on getting you where you want to go in fewer button presses. The new Xbox One Home has been optimised more
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The Call Of Duty Franchise has always been pulled into the dilemma of being the best FPS shooter of all. In 2016, a spark between EA’s Battlefield 1 and Activision’s Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare set the fire between both franchises. With EA playing differently this time around by allowing gamers to experience WW1, EA definitely seemed like they’ve got the whole cake once hatred was fired more
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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is obviously the biggest news this week. The franchise took a beating over its last two numbered entries, and while the more old-school stylings of the Chronicles series pleased some fans, the hunger for a really terrific Resident Evil offering has been palpable. Taking cues from indie horror and Silent Hills concept demo PT, this first-person, VR-optional affair seems more
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A new Steam update has made moving game install folders much easier. Users will also find the service natively reads and recognizes Xbox 360, Xbox One, and generic X-Input controllers. Many of you who are Steam users probably know what was included in the latest update, but there are many who just accept the client update, relaunch Steam and move along without reading the patch notes. This is more
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Ubisoft has revealed the system requirements for their upcoming hack-and-slash game: For Honor. Through a post on Ubisoft’s blog, the team working on For Honor has released the official specs and suggested system requirements for the game’s PC release. This information comes alongside the slew of gameplay videos released yesterday. If you’re looking into getting your hands on the game more
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Research firm DFC Intelligence has issues a sales forecast for Nintendo Switch, and according its estimates, the console hybrid is slated to out sell its predecessor by 26 million units by 2020. According to an analysis by DFC head David Cole (thanks,, sales are expected to be limited at first due to the launch lineup and lack of stock. But by 2020, the firm expects Nintendo Switch to more
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In a recent post to Twitter, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer hinted that an anticipated multiplayer game will be coming to the Xbox One in 2017. The post from the head of Xbox came in response to an article by IGN, listing the outlet’s 10 most anticipated multiplayer games for 2017. With titles like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands and For Honor already on the list, it makes us wonder—what more
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Apparently the idea of Titanfall 2 coming to Nintendo’s Switch is not only unlikely, it’s downright comical. In the latest episode of Drunk Tech Review, semi-inebriated Titanfall 2 developers discussed their thoughts on Nintendo’s newly unveiled console. When host Mischa Pollack asks at the end of the video if he will be able to play Titanfall 2 on the Switch, the responsive was fairly more
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Even with problems here and there, like accidentally tagging innocent players as cheaters, the release and subsequent reign of Battlefield 1 has been a successful one. Of course, in this day and age, a game can’t enjoy success for long if it doesn’t adapt and change, and do so quickly. Earlier this week, the team behind Battlefield 1 seemed to be hinting that there is going to be a pretty more
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The one big problem with the Nintendo Switch, the biggest problem with it, is the pricing– and I don’t just mean pricing in terms of the base console, which is something that can still be defended as pricing for a high end gaming handheld. No, the bigger issue is the pricing for everything else- the accessories are priced way too high for what they are, Nintendo are charging for online, and more
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