The Titanfall 2 open multiplayer tech test will not be coming to PC. Developer Respawn made the announcement saying the tech test will only be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. CEO Vince Zampella explained in a blog post why that is. “More platforms can be a good sanity check, but we don’t need to test them all to make sure we are on a good path for launch,” Zampella more
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DICE has finally revealed details for the Battlefield 1 open beta. DICE has announced that the open beta Wednesday, August 31st on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Battlefield Insiders will get early access, but DICE has not said how long that will be. If you're not a Battlefield Insider, don't worry as it will be open for everyone. The beta will include two game modes, Conquest and Rush on more
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Hello Games’ Sean Murray vaguely responds to a question about whether or not No Man’s Sky could come to Xbox One, leading to speculation of the game’s arrival on the console. It’s no secret that with No Man’s Sky‘s launch on PlayStation 4 earlier this week and on Steam and PC today, gamers the world over are delving into the space exploration and survival title’s massive universe more
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Do you want to be permanently banned from Pokemon Go? It’s easy: just cheat. In an update to its terms of service page regarding appealing a ban, Pokemon Go creator Niantic Labs says those who use bots or cheater apps to play the game may have no recourse:
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Microsoft has just announced its acquisition of the livestreaming service Beam, a platform that allows viewers to interact with streamers during broadcasts. Beam allows for real-time communication between streamers and their fans rather than focusing on passive viewing like Twitch. For instance, viewers can choose the next weapon you use to dispatch enemies, select a game mode or even fly a more
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If you’d like to turn on your Xbox One late at night without waking up your mom, cat or significant other, help is on the way as part of a future system software update, as shared by Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb. Not only you can turn it off completely, but you can also set it so that it’ll ring only when you turn the console on with voice or the power button. While the more
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Bungie will be heading to Gamescom next week to showcase Destiny: Rise of Iron. In fact, it has an entire live-stream on August 16th showcasing the new Crucible mode, Supremacy, and the new maps coming in the expansion. That’s not all though. Along with offering attendees a chance to play Destiny at Gamescom (though it’s undecided what exactly will be available), Bungie will also release a more
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World War I, as well as being most famous for being the first in the unfinished trilogy of modern warfare, is best known for introducing terrifying automata to the battlefield. While weapons of war like siege engines and cannons had existed for centuries, tanks and planes were brand new ways to eviscerate your fellow man at the turn of the twentieth century. Now, with the imminent arrival more
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No Man's Sky was released for PlayStation 4 last week, but not without its fair share of problems. Developer Hello Games is aware of the game's many bugs and glitches, and is working on a patch that will solve "the most critical issues" in the "near future." It's not clear what problems the studio is fixing, specifically. But the team does know the pre-order ship, the Domanish S84, leaves some more
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It looks like the launch of the Xbox One S has been really successful for Microsoft all around- we already knew that the console has been selling out since launch but now, MCV are reporting that its launch has caused a sales spike of 75% for Xbox One consoles in the UK. The exact number of units was not specified, naturally, but a 75% spike is no mean feat- and if Microsoft can keep that more
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