Yesterday we saw quite a lot of PS4 gameplay of Need for Speed, and today YouTube users GTA Wise Guy, AR12Gaming and BlackPanthaa are back with more giving us another taste of what the demo available at Gamescom looks like on Sony’s console. The videos, that you can see below, show over half a hour of gameplay, ranging from customization, to driving, free roaming, and even the occasional police chase.
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Treyarch has revealed a few crucial details about the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta that you need to know. In a new FAQ, Activision and Treyarch have taken on answering the most common questions about the upcoming beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. This particular blog post doesn’t cover things like maps or modes, which have previously bee more
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Fallout 4 includes an extensive crafting system which ties into equipment customisation and base building. But feel free to skip all that. One of the top headlines from Fallout 4’s E3 2015 reveal was the crafting system. Players can dismantle objects in the environment, using the parts to pimp their power armour or put together new stuff for their b more
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Microsoft is rolling out a new software update for Xbox One today. Microsoft is seemingly close to deploying its new UI for Xbox One. All Xbox One owners will get an update today that will make the console ready to receive the major overhaul when it becomes available. Official word is still fall 2015 for a public release, but this could mean more
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Those wondering how to unlock a high quality streaming option with the Xbox One streaming app on Windows 10 will be pleased to know it’s not a hard thing to do. At least it doesn’t appear that way, going by this reddit post from OomaThurman. Apparently, the Very High can be unlocked by editing the “userconsoledata” file in the Xbox app fold more
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Activision Just released a new trailer of Call of Duty: Black Ops III‘s upcoming beta, featuring a glimpse on the combat movement you’ll be able to use while fragging other specialists on the field. The trailer is narrated by Design Director David Vonderhaar and Multiplayer Director Dan Bunting, and also comes topped by some real more
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Since the Xbox One and the PS4 launched, Sony has held the upper hand when it comes to sales of units in a very big way. This year, the Xbox One has made some serious inroads when it comes to catching Sony and the Playstation 4 and making this a real contest. The company has come up with ideas like backwards compatibility that Sony hasn’t even offered yet. It w more
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Backwards compatibility will allow Xbox 360 games to work on an Xbox One console and to use new features of the Xbox One such as Game DVR, Snap, Twitch streaming and screenshots grabbing. All your previous save files, DLC add-ons and achievements will carry across, and if you are playing an Xbox 360 game on your Xbox One, you will still be abl more
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Smite is already available on Xbox One, but next week it’s making it official. Smite will release for Xbox One on August 19, Hi-Rez Studios has announced. The MOBA has been in open beta for a month, so new players will face some experienced veterans. There is help at hand; Founder’s Pack and Account Merging will remain available through August 31, so if you want to more
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It has been almost a decade since the inception of Twitter and over the course of nine years, a lot has changed. Although the core functionality of Twitter still remains, Twitter has added many new features to remain competitive and broaden its user base. Today, Twitter has announced that it will be dropping the 140 character limitation in 'Direct Messages'. more
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