Earlier today, Microsoft released a new video entitled "Best Games" on YouTube to promote both the Xbox One and the upcoming games for it. The 30-second video contains voice over dialogue from the "Rocky" movie with Sylvester Stallone quoting the words, "Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It will beat you to your knees if you more
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Bungie has added Vanguard weapon access to the list of perks to be offered to those who pre-order Destiny. "Exclusive weapons and gear" are promised in the new video below, as players who pre-order the game are granted "early access to Vanguard weapons, gear, and a player emblem".
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Microsoft's ID@XBox program has already attracted some pleasantly original projects, from the likes of White Night - key inspirations: Jazz, German expressionism, Alone in the Dark - to There Came An Echo, in which you boss Wesley Crusher around using Kinect. There's always room for more. "Surprise us," was the message delivered by the Xbox Advanced Technology Group's Martin Fuller more
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Though Bungie couldn't manage 1080p resolution for Destiny's Xbox One beta, the developer is committed to hitting that mark for the final, retail release. For proof, look no further than the above footage. Courtesy IGN, this clip is the first look at Destiny running at 1080p and 30 frames per second on an Xbox One. According to the commentary, the developers worked closely with Microsoft more
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Hopefully you got your fill of moon wizards over the weekend, as the Destiny beta has now entered a temporary hiatus. "We are beginning the process of taking the Destiny Beta offline for maintenance," reads a tweet from developer Bungie. "It shall return on 7/23 for all registered testers." It's unknown what changes (if any) the beta will receive during this maintenance period, but Bungie's most recent W more
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Enjoying the Destiny beta? Hopefully not so much that you feel persuaded to place a pre-order for the game's Ghost Edition, because UK retailer GAME is just about sold out, according to a recent tweet made by the store's official account. PS4 versions of the Ghost Edition are still available to our friends across the pond, but Xbox One copies are, shall more
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EA has released a new FIFA 15 gameplay trailer focused on "emotion" and "intensity". Showing off a number of new players reactions, team celebrations and unique crowd behaviour, it's narrated by senior producer Nick Channon. Earlier this week, EA revealed the global FIFA 15 box art. The game's cover will feature four-time FIFA Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi. more
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Destiny's galaxy may be vast and currently well-populated with beta Guardians, but players aren't able to team up with heroes hailing from different consoles. While technical issues might seem like a likely culprit, Bungie engineer Roger Wolfson told Digital Trends the lack of cross-platform play is more about maintaining a consistent experience f more
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The next Xbox One update looks to be pretty substantial, expanding on the console's social features and adding some oft-requested functionality. The activity feed is getting quite a few sociable additions, such as the ability to "like" your friends' activities, post text, comment on others' activities, and share "game clips and anything else" with f more
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Over the next few days, Microsoft will push out an update to those of you who are in the 'Xbox Preview Dashboard' program that will bring with it new features which will eventually be released in August. If you need an invite to the program, you can head into the forums as there is a thread where users are giving out invitations to the dashboard preview app that you need to register your console. Once you have more
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