The software team at Microsoft is working quite hard on the Xbox One system software, and today they released the third update in three days. The previous two updates served to fix issues with multiplayer and parties that arose in previous versions, and now we get some small internal tweaks, that could finally lead to a public release: Here more
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Rockstar has said that it has new content planned for GTA Online for those that want to spend their hard-earned Heists money. The developer has teased a new car for the game and what could be a new or upgraded pistol. The pistol itself looks like a modified .50 from GTA 5. The sports car has gullwing doors, and at least two familiar modifications – more
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Battlefield 4: Final Stand marked the end of DICE’s series of premium DLC, but not the end of Battlefield 4 DLC. DICE has confirmed that all future content for the first-person shooter will be completely free for all players. Expect night maps, the community map and new guns. First off is the upcoming spring update, which adds the Gun Master game m more
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Hayssam Keilany – the modder behind the iCEnhancer mod that GTA IV’s Liberty City into somewhere that, occasionally, stretched into the realms of photorealism – has been working on a GTA V version of his iCEnhancer mod. It’s still early in development, but you can already smear your eyeballs over some screenshots and a video of the mod in action below.
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Beachhead Studio has announced that the next Clan War for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Bronze-Platinum divisions will take place from May 15th at 12PM PT through May 18th at 12PM PT. The location on the map is Karachi, Pakistan. With this Clan War, Beachhead is introducing new challenges that will allow clans to unlock a specific gear in the Centurion or Valkyrie set. Bronze-Platinum Clan War – The Bronze-Platinum Division Clan War will take place from Friday, May 15th at 12PM PT through Monday, May 18th at 12PM PT.
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It was revealed yesterday that Rockstar Games has no plans to bring additional heists to any version of Grand Theft Auto V, but luckily some good news for fans of the series has come to light as well. While Rockstar has previously said that the Rockstar Editor would be exclusive to PC gamers, it seems that this exclusivity was only for a month or two. I more
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Bohemia Interactive has launched a Free Weekend on Steam for its tactical military shooter Arma 3, accompanied by a Publisher Weekend Sale offering massive discounts up to 80% on titles such as Arma 2, Arma Tactics, and Take On Helicopters. The studio's Early Access titles are also included in the sale, with a 15% discount on massively popular DayZ, and a 33% discount on Take On Mars. Throughout the we more
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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will be officially released on May 19th but some stores in the Middle East are apparently already selling the retail version of the game, ahead of the official release.
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If you are a Xbox One preview update member and recently had problems with joining a multiplayer match or initiating a party chat, help is on the way. The issue with parties has been solved, and the problem with multiplayer has been amended at least for Ryse with a new update, while unfortunately the issues still persist with Drago more
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Social and Gaming are listed as limited on the Xbox Live status page, on the eve of a free online multiplayer weekend for Xbox 360 fans. Current issues include: Creating new accounts on Xbox Live, managing those accounts, recovering an account on a different device and signing into Xbox Live. The Netflix app meanwhile is currently listed as being offline, alongside Y more
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