It’s terrible quality, but this video shows the first-person mode of GTA 5 on PS4 in action. According to the GTA Forums, someone streamed gameplay of the PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V on Twitch last night, but it was quickly hit by Take-Two. Since then, various versions of the gameplay have been taken off Youtube, so we’re not sure how long this w more
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You guys really like GTA Online. So much, you have played 2.3 billion hours in the game across 224 countries. But wait! There’s more. First, the numbers. GTA Online players have logged 2,330,825,301 hours (to be exact), and all from October 1, 2013 through October 31, 2014. The amount of global players came to 33,834,423 and 5.9 billion jobs have been played and 9.8 milli more
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Avalanche Studios has officially announced Just Cause 3 for release in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Revealed in the latest issue of US mag Game Informer, the sequel is reported to be set in a fictional Mediterranean island with "vastly improved" parachute and grapple mechanics. Avalanche has repeatedly teased work on Just Cause 3 over the last few years, more
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The host of a GTA Online multiplayer session on PS4, Xbox One or PC will be able to force the first-person view on other players. As is the case when setting vehicle type, weapons or other options in multiplayer, hosts will also be able to override all player’s views to third or first person, according to IGN. Rockstar revealed the new first-person view this week for th more
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Microsoft has shipped almost 10 million Xbox One consoles throughout the world, Xbox CVP of Marketing, Strategy and Business Yusuf Mehdi writes on Xbox Wire. "Compared to the previous week, Xbox One sales in the US have more than tripled, which is exciting as more and more friends will be playing together this holiday," Mehdi says. "As we head into the busy holiday more
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YouTube’s long-awaited music subscription service is finally here, with a $7.99 price tag for an initial promotional period, with a standard rate of $9.99 per month. The service is called YouTube Music Key, and it offers access to Google Play Music’s entire library, as well as providing ads-free music videos, background playback capab more
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Microsoft has announced this week's Xbox Live Deals with Gold discounts, with highlights including savings on EA Sports UFC and Fallout games. Running until Monday November 17, the deals listed below are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold subscribers unless marked with an *, in which case they're also available to Silver members. Xbox One Stick it To The more
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Rockstar plans to release a day one patch for Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One and PS4. Like the full game itself, the patch will be available to download ahead of next week's launch so that the "tweaks and optimisation fixes" included can be applied before the title unlocks. Rockstar says: "In order to experience the game properly, please make sure you install this update be more
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On Thursday, November 13, Bungie will be taking Destiny servers offline across all platforms “for several hours,” the studio announced in a recent update. “This totally planned service outage will enable us to prepare for the arrival of a series of updates planned for the next few weeks,” writes Bungie. “During this time, you’ll be unable to pla more
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Halo 5: Guardians’ multiplayer beta may run at a 720p resolution when it launches on Xbox One this December, but you can expect the final game “will look amazing when it comes out,” said 343 Industries studio head Josh Holmes. Speaking to Eurogamer, Holmes explained that the upcoming multiplayer beta, which was shown off for the first time only a few hours ago, is all about gathering feedback more
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