We’ve heard a lot about Half-Life 3 over the years despite Valve insisting it’s not in development. Rumours of prototypes, possible VR releases and whatnot have been around but according to an anonymous source that spoke to Game Informer, there’s no such thing as Half-Life 3 at Valve. This anonymous source is tied to Valve and is one of the few that responded to requests to be more
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For all the hype that Microsoft has generated for Project Scorpio, calling 2017 the year of the platform, Xbox boss Phil Spencer is still unsure whether it will be showcased before E3 2017. On Twitter, Spencer responded to a query about Scorpio being before shown E3 with, “Honestly not sure yet but I know people want this.” Then again, we wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to have some more
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Serious flaws have been exposed in Battlefield 1’s automated anti-cheat system, after it emerged that a number of legitimate players have been banned from playing the DICE-developed shooter online – apparently for being too skilled. The issue was brought to light today by kL-Spazmo, a Battlefield 1 player who has put in over 2800 hours into EA’s flagship first-person series since the more
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Previous estimates for Nintendo’s Switch console put the price at $250 or even lower, indicating a somewhat conservative pricing for what’s thought to be a less powerful competitor to the Xbox One and PS4. However, according to a Reddit user, the US retailer Walmart is holding pre-orders for the Switch at $399. It’s worth noting that though the Redditor claims to work at Walmart, more
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Dubbed the Overwhelmingly Positive bundle, the offering includes only games with an extremely high percentage of positive user reviews on Steam. For those that don’t know, such games are labeled on the store as “overwhelmingly positive.” As always, some (or all) of your money can be sent to a charity of your choice. The promoted charity accompanying this particular bundle is Direct more
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Psyonix has released a new update on all platforms — update 1.27 — for Rocket League that is bringing a bit more snowy goodness to the game. 1.27 is essentially just a bug-fix update, however, it does add Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) into the Snow Day Playlist. Despite being nothing more than a “small client-side update,” the patch comes in 91MB download on PlayStation 4, 1.1GB download on more
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There’s little doubt you noticed Razer’s rather interesting triple-monitor laptop being shared all over social media last week. Well, guess what? Two of the prototypes were stolen at CES 2017 on Sunday. According to a Facebook post from Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan (thanks, Gamespot), two of the prototypes known as Project Valerie were stolen from the firm’s booth during the Las Vegas trade more
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2016 may have been Steam’s biggest year in terms of the number of games released, but none of them topped the most-played charts. In 2016, Steam saw more game releases than any other year. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them failed to hold players interest beyond a few short days at launch, and for some, none at all. Data trackers at GitHyp published a few interesting details about more
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A new screengrab from what is purported to be the Nintendo Switch launch lineup briefly made the rounds on Twitter on Monday, before the picture was quickly deleted. As this is the Internet, deleting the photo didn’t solve the problem and now there’s lots of talk about what a few games we knew were coming and a couple that were rumors only. GameTransfers posted the image below, showing more
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Users who exploited a bug in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s 12 Days of Winter giveaway to accumulate hundreds of rare items are today learning the full extent of their punishment. In addition to being temporarily banned, an in-game message has informed affected users that they’ve also had their salvage and in-game keys reset to zero.
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