This week’s Xbox Deals with Gold are kind of lacklustre, if I’m being honest. Probably the best deal this week is GTA 5 on Xbox 360 at 58% off, but I feel like most of you who were going to buy the last-gen version have already grabbed it. The Xbox One version is nowhere near as heavily discounted at 15% off, but does come with a Bull Shark Cash Card. more
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Sledgehammer Games recently added the Gun Game mode to Advanced Warfare, but as of right now, parties are not enabled in the game mode. The game mode is constructed as a Free For All mode, which results in parties being disabled. Michael Condrey tweeted out saying they have heard what the people want and that parties will be enabled in a future Gun Game update.
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Microsoft began rolling out an update for the Upload Studio app for Xbox One. This is a significant update that is bringing in many new options that were a top request from the community. Some of the new features include new transitions, splash screens, templates, intros, double-box and green screen effects, support for a total run time of 30 minutes and more.
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The infamous hacking/trolling group known as Lizard Squad has claimed it has once again attacked the Xbox Live network, knocking it offline for gamers across the globe. Reports of the outage were first logged by users at around 5am GMT on Monday, 16 February with the Xbox Live Status dashboard still showing that there is limited access to the network over three hou more
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A new Tony Hawk Pro Skater console game is happening this year. I know, I know, that’s not news – Hawk mentioned it last year and it was confirmed during Sony’s CES 2015 keynote. But we’ve not heard any details of the project since then. We don’t know who’s publishing it. We don’t know who’s developing it. We don’t know if it’s coming to di more
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The Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale will return this coming week, Microsoft’s Larry Hryb has confirmed on Twitter. This regular sale pops up at various times through the year and offers major discounts through the whole sales period as well as daily deals. From here on in we move into rumour territory. Xbox Culture reports Xbox Australia accidentally put details of the sal more
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While the February update for the Xbox One brought game hubs, updates to controller, party chat and, the update currently being rolled out to Microsoft's console is slightly less exciting. According to Larry Hryb AKA Major Nelson, this update does not include any new features, rather it brings 'just a few tweaks to existing stuff.' While this update is not as exciting as the one scheduled for later - which will bring the long- awaited screenshot feature to the console, it is possibly quite important nevertheless.
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The Xbox App on Windows 10 has been updated, and the latest version is now available. Those testing the feature will automatically be updated to the February version of the app, which contains the following updated features: Top Navigation Bar: The smiley face J can be used to send feedback about the app to the product team, get access to forums for the Xbox app more
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Microsoft has announced it will host 16 sponsored sessions pertaining to developing content across Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One. A wide range of topics will be discussed during the sessions including developing games for Windows 10 and Xbox One, a closer look at DirectX 12, creating cross-device multiplayer with Xbox Live and more. more
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Bungie will add new UI features to Destiny that will allow players to easily check their Reputation status with Tower factions. At present, the only way for players to check their reputation with a particular vendor is to fly to the Tower and speak to the vendor in question. But new user interface upgrades coming in title update 1.1.1 will rid players of this arduous more
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