The beta for Dota 2 Reborn - the Source 2 reincarnation of the popular MOBA - is now live and available for you to download right this second. The overhaul of Dota 2 was announced at the weekend, and brings a brand new interface to the game along with the graphical and technical upgrades associated with Valve’s new Source 2 engine. Dota 2 Reborn also features new custom games. To start, make more
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Head of PlayStation Europe, Jim Ryan, says PlayStation has no intention of following suit with backwards compatibility and here’s why. Talking to MCV about the Xbox announcement, he said “It is an entirely legitimate approach, and if you are seeking to upgrade 360 owners to Xbox One, it is a very logical approach to take.” Ryan comme more
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Don’t want to deal with the social dynamics of this survival sim? Go ahead and play with yourself. E3′s PC gaming press conference included an intriguing announcement from Bohemia Interactive’s Brian Hicks: in the near future, DayZ will offer an offline single-player mode, allowing modders to test their work extensively before deploying it to the Steam Workshop. Hicks also revealed that Bohemia intends to release tools to allow players to host their own DayZ servers.
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Tanoa will release as DLC for Arma 3 and adds over 100km2 of new terrain. The expansion will adds new vehicles, weapons, attachments and gear, characters, playable content and more. It’s the first South Pacific location for the Arma series. “Situated in the South Pacific, the island province of Tanoa is one of many that, together, compose the Horizon Islands – an inde more
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David Braben is breathing new life into a classic concept. Frontier Developments CEO David Braben dropped by the E3 PC gaming event to announce Planet Coaster, a much more lighthearted-looking title than the studio’s main powerhouse, the Elite series. The reveal trailer shows a bearded hipster hanging out in a field looking typically bored until a theme park begins to more
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Square Enix and Eidos Montreal presented during the PC Gaming Show at E3 a new tech demo for Deus Ex: Makind Divided‘s Dawn Engine. The demo is definitely spectacular, and you can check it out just below.
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During the PC Gaming conference at E3, The Coalition Studio head Rod Fergusson announced that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is coming to PC This came right after Phil Spencer announced the Windows version of Killer Instinct. Fergusson also mentioned that for what concerns the rest of the Gears of War franchise and PC gaming there’s nothing to talk about “yet,” but there might be more to talk about in the future.
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One guest who attended the E3 PC Gaming Conference was Xbox head Phil Spencer, who reiterated Microsoft's commitment to PC gaming during the PC-focused event. Obviously he was there to talk about Windows 10, DirectX 12, and the crossover with Xbox Live. He didn't have a huge amount of announcements to make, but the Xbox chief did confirm that Killer Instinct is heading to PC. No word on a release date, but we know there’ll be cross-play available with the 2013 Xbox One release.
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Gears 4 was officially revealed during Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference yesterday, and today it has released a few screenshots for the shooter. The new Gears saga will be released on Xbox One in 2016, but you can try out the revamped, original Gears of War which has been remastered in 1080p, running at 60fps in both single and multiplayer beforehand. The beta for Gears of War Ultimate Edition kicks off yesterday and it will released on Xbox One August 26.
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Sony’s E3 2015 presentation was full of surprises. The conference began with Sony’s traditional montage, which included Destiny, Mad Max and Uncharted 4 among dozens of others.
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