Destiny players can now pick up their holiday gift by visiting the postmaster on the Tower. Destiny players with a account will have received an email showing a delightful image of the Cryptarch in a (very) rare generous mood. Visit the postmaster on the Tower to collect your gift:
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Major U.S. retailers are dropping the basic price of PlayStation TV from $100 to $80. The unit that comes bundled with a controller for $140 has had its price lowered to $100. Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy and more are taking action on the price of the microconsole, which launched in October last year, according to GameSpot. PlayStaion TV allows you to stream games from the PS Now servi more
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Microsoft’s special new browser for Windows 10, codenamed Spartan, is being detailed in more and more reports, with The Verge revealing that the new browser will be the most advanced yet, as it’ll offer users a variety of features not found on other browsers. Spartan is meant to work on a variety of screens, from smartphones more
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Beta registration for Smite on Xbox One has opened, inviting all interested in the third-person multiplayer online battle arena (or what the kids call a MOBA) to sign up for a chance at the test. In November, Smite developer Hi-Rez Studios announced plans to launch the Xbox One beta in "early 2015." For those paying attention, that's now! A firm date for the test has not yet been established. more
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This week's Xbox "Deals with Gold" feature discounts on a random assortment of games on Xbox One, from the adorable platformer Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (67% off) to the "Racing GOTY Edition" of Forza Motorsport 5 (40% off). Also on sale this week are Zoo Tycoon for half-price and Styx: Master of Shadows for 60% off. On Xbox 360, deals have focused on a life of crime more
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Mojang's breakout hit Minecraft took second place in a Google-issued list of the most popular YouTube search queries of 2014, ranking immediately behind the word "music" in terms of search frequency. According to Google, the word "Minecraft" was more frequently searched on YouTube in 2014 than the term "movies." Gaming personality PewDiePie also more
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A minor update for Advance Warfare on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was sent out today. Patch notes for this update: - Connectivity Improvements - Improvements to content management for purchases made in the In-Game Store Changes will be seen to current gen system soon, according to Sledgehammer Games "Our game update development process i more
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PlayStation 4 sales are now beyond the 18.5 million mark, according to Sony's announcement at CES 2015. The PS4's pubertal growth into the late teens (millions-wise) occurred in a prolific holiday season, with more than 4.1 million units shifted worldwide since November 23, 2014. Sony's numbers represent the company's estimates of units sold to consumers more
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According to reports coming from leaked documents outlining the Xbox One’s latest upgrades and newest development tools, Microsoft has allegedly opened up a seventh CPU core to developers, offering game makers a boost in processing power. The news follows the trend Microsoft set in motion earlier last year when the company began freeing up resources normall more
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Consoles tend to go through multiple iterations as time goes by. The Xbox 360, PS3 and even the Wii got more than one re-design, with each of the previous generation consoles being shrunk in one manner or another. It’s expected that both Microsoft & Sony will release new versions of the Xbox One and PS4, respectively. A recent job posting by Microsoft for a Senior Electrical enginee more
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