BSkyB has released an app enabling Sky customers to watch TV through their PS4. TV From Sky is a free app available on the PlayStation Store, but it requires customers to have both a Sky iD and a Sky Go Extra subscription. The app lets Sky customers stream live and on-demand TV on their console. However, it doesn't let users download TV shows, movies and box sets for offline viewing, a feature that's avai more
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The environments in Destiny's The Dark Below expansion appear to be fairly well-lit – some of them are bathed in an eerie greenish glow, but still, they're lit. Maybe it's more of a metaphor about the darkness inside of us all. Or maybe it's just a cool name for some DLC. The Dark Below launches on December 9.
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The BBC iPlayer app has finally arrived on Xbox One a year after the console launched. The iPlayer app has been available on PS4 since the system's release in November 2013, when the BBC confirmed that it was working on an Xbox One version. Available as a free download from Xbox Live, the on-demand TV and radio service is controllable with a pad, Kinect voice commands and SmartGlass. As of more
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With Halo 5: Guardians beta beginning on December 29, a recent image leaking the size of the beta has surfaced. The image shows the multiplayer beta is 10.27 GB in size and is listed in the Xbox One Marketplace. The image can be seen below. According to Microsoft, the listing is just a "placeholder" for the time being. The Halo 5 beta will run at 720p with 60fps, and starts December 29 and runs through January 18.
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Capcom apparently let the Street Fighter 5 cat out of the YouTube bag early, with a now removed teaser trailer announcing the fighter "exclusively on PS4 and PC." Unsurprisingly there aren't many details, but as soon as Capcom's ready to pipe up we'll let you know. Get the trailer while it's hot (or until it's removed again) below the break.
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Square Enix will introduce a patch for Final Fantasy 13 on Steam next week that will give players additional graphics options. Slated to land on Thursday, December 11, the update will allow players to switch to custom resolutions, such as 720p and 1080p. The patch hits the same day that the game's sequel, Final Fantasy 13-2, will arrive on Steam as well. Final Fa more
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A new patch for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is now out for PlaySation 4 and Xbox One users. This patch is the biggest update yet, and brings in a ton of new updates and bug fixes. The new updates includes "weapon balancing tweaks, fixes and improvements for emblems, improvements within the Player Lobby (including a new way to view your Armor more
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343 Industries, the studio behind Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be releasing a new patch this week to improve some matchmaking issues. There have been multiple patches since the launch of the game on November 11, hopefully this one resolves the remaining issues.
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Microsoft announced this week's Xbox Live Deals with Gold. Games discounted consist of Xbox One games, Xbox 360 games, and DLC. Xbox Live Deals with Gold highlights Metro games on Xbox One. The deals last until December 8 and can be found listed below.
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A new trailer for Evolve shows off two previously unrevealed monsters. The first monster can be seen at the 1:54 mark in the video, while the second can be seen at the end, at 2:15. The second new monster is the one that Evolve studio Turtle Rock asked its players to name in late November. The four names up for consideration were Juggernaut, Titan, Colossus and Behemoth, though Turtle R more
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