Sony has confirmed that the long-awaited Share Play feature will be introduced to PS4 as part of the upcoming firmware update 2.0 due for release by Autumn. Share Play allows players to pass control of their game to another PS4 owner remotely via the internet. The anticipated feature was first announced during the PS4 unveiling in February 2013, but missed the PS4 laun more
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Microsoft has outlined a number of new features coming to Xbox One. Xbox Live's Larry Hryb said in a blog post that Microsoft plans to introduce a refreshed Friends section and a new Snap Center for switching back and forth between games and other features like messages, friends and parties. A new media player app will also be released, with support for dozens of additional file formats set to be introduced later this year.
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Microsoft is updating Xbox One to allow games to be pre-downloaded and accessible the moment they are released. The service will become available on a game-by-game basis, beginning with Forza Horizon 2 and FIFA 15. No further games were announced as featuring the pre-download functionality. Microsoft announced the new service during its Gamescom press conference on Tuesday, amid a spa more
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Modder turned developer Dean Hall took the stage at Sony's Gamescom presentation to announce an upcoming PlayStation 4 version of hit zombie survival sandbox DayZ. Details on the new version of the game are scant - Hall failed to mention a release date or even a vague window - but the PlayStation 4 game is based on an "entirely new cross-platform renderer" that will reportedly bring new, enhanced visuals to the undead apocalypse.
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Microsoft's second Xbox One bundle of its Gamescom conference was for another big-hitter, namely Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The limited edition bundle comes with a digital copy of the Day Zero edition of the Sledgehammer shooter, and it'll include a custom console with a 1TB hard drive, as well as a custom controller and a headset. The price is $500 stateside more
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Here's one tidbit from Microsoft's Gamescom conference that's sure to please fans of Halo 2's multiplayer: 343 Industries' producer Dan Ayoub announced the upcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection includes a skill-based ranking system with leveling "identical" to that of Halo 2. The news followed the newly unveiled Halo Channel "digital network" for the upcoming Xbox One compilation. The remastered bundle includes Halos 1-4 as well as access to the live-action Halo: Nightfall TV series, and it's launching in North America on November 11.
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The big news out of Gamescom this morning is that Microsoft has landed the Tomb Raider sequel as a platform exclusive from Crystal Dynamics, but it was hardly the only story to come out of their presentation. Now that the Xbox One is free of Kinect, more and more new bundles are going to be released for the system, and two of them were on display this morning. The fi more
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At last, Sledgehammer Games presents Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s highly anticipate multiplayer, giving anxious fans a first look at the sort of online action they’ll be getting into this November 4. Having dropped a ton of info on you at once, you probably have a handful of questions. So, here’s everything we know about it so far more
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Sweetening an already pretty sweet deal, Call of Duty publisher Activision has announced today that it will offer an entire day of early access to Sledgehammer Games’ Advanced Warfare to any and all who pre-order one of the game’s various collector’s editions. That means if you’ve pre-ordered either the Atlas Limit more
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Details regarding a FIFA 15 closed beta and game demo have emerged ahead of announcements expected to be made at Gamescom later this week. According to numerous Reddit users said to have received beta invites, EA plans to host different public tests for multiple FIFA 15 game modes including FIFA Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and Seasons. FIFA 15 betas would appear to initially be available only on Xbox One and Xbox 360, with a FIFA Ultimate Team test set to kick off on August 21, according to invitations received via email.
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