Treyarch will be returning to the Call of Duty fold later this year with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 in November. While some of its decisions have irked fans (just look at a few negative reactions to the new Zombies mode), it’s pretty much a given that Black Ops 3 will be a major success. The question is: Did Treyarch miss out on more
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Nintendo’s upcoming NX console is still very much shrouded in mystery, but at least some details have seemingly started to come to light. And according to the latest rumor, we might know who’s building the NX’s chips. Nintendo’s next console is still at least a year away from being launched, but bits and pieces are starting to leak and are giv more
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Valve has unveiled the The International website where you can find all you need to know about the Dota 2 championships. Valve announced the website in a blog post this week, where you’ll be able to find details on dates and this year’s format, with more updates as the event progresses. They also launched the beta of DotaTV’s Live Streaming, which will broadcast games at 10 more
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Aside from the graphical overhaul, there will be cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One and Xbox 360, as well as shared content and progress across the two consoles for your Xbox Live account. A new PvE mode will also be introduced called ‘Proving Grounds’. If you’re a Gold member, you can download World of Tanks for free on Xbox One. If not, you can still have a crack at it without getting out your wallet with the seven-day trial. World of Tanks will be available on Xbox One next week on July 28.
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The latest system update for the PlayStation 4 (PS4), which Sony rolled out in early July, is said to have brought problems along with it. Sony released software update 2.55 on July 1, which the company claims will improve system software stability. However, many PS4 users have taken to various forums and complained that their console is not reading the disc properly after downl more
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Not even Sleep NS, Kan-Ra’s player, can believe he survived the vicious onslaught of UA | My God’s Sabrewulf, but even that miracle should only have delayed the inevitable. With the clock ticking down and the health pool firmly in his opponent’s favor, it looked like all hope was lost for the poor, rotting corpse. All Sabrewulf had to do was keep blocking Kan-ra’s signature sand spam and it would all be over soon enough. But there’s something about a live crowd egging one on that makes ridiculous, borderline magical things happen.
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Now little has been held by Iron Galaxy a presentation with Killer Instinct's new EVO in 2015. The information gathered here are recent and key information, the source of information is the Central KI's tweets on Twitter. General information: -More Characters will be released to play in Shadows mode. -Killer Instinct wheel actually 90fps,w more
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This week starting today through July 26th, double RP and GTA cash will be given out for those who participate in the second four-person Heist: the raid on Humane Labs. Along with this, Rockstar Games is upping the RP on select GTA Online Activities and Challenges. Take a look at the list below.
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Street Fighter 5 is going to take a very different and extremely interesting new approach to ongoing content support. Street Fighter fans had an expensive time of it with the fourth game. There were four major version releases and numerous DLC packs, which added up to a lot of cash dropped for those who wanted to stay on top of the late more
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Mortal Kombat X will soon welcome back the black dragon. Mortal Kombat players who own the Kombat Pack can download Tremor from July 21, and he’ll be available for standalone purchase from July 28. NetherRealm celebrated the imminent release at EVO 2015 with the release of this new trailer showing off the fearsome ninja – including fatalities.
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