What appears to be the first prosecutions involving gambling on videogames have been made in the UK. The BBC has reported on the prosecution of two Essex men – Dylan Rigby and Craig Douglas – charged with promoting a lottery and advertising unlawful gambling. Douglas has also been charged with inviting children to gamble. The pair appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on Friday more
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The newest story trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is out, and it looks like Activision are continuing their tradition of poaching popular actors from hit TV series with this one. Following in the footsteps of Kevin Spacey (a.k.a. Frank Underwood on Netflix’s House of Cards), Infinite Warfare will feature Kit Harington, he of Game of Thrones fame. You may know him as the dude who plays more
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ReCore kicks off the Play Anywhere program. More titles are on the way. ReCore is out today and accompanying its launch is the start of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. Microsoft’s cross-buy service basically gives you two copies of a game when you buy it digitally, one for your Xbox One and another for Windows 10. All DLC, save files, and achievements are carried across more
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My goodness that’s quite a number of people. According to a new infographic posted by DICE, the Battlefield 1 open beta is “the biggest in EA history.” It would be, considering there were 13.2 million people who tried it out. DICE said 30% of those players chose the Assault class with the Scout coming in a close second with 28%. Other figures: the armored trail scored 13 million more
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Three new additions to the lineup – one excellent, one good, one a bit rubbish – have bumped the Xbox One up to a new milestone. The new titles were announced in the tweet above by Xbox spokesperson Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb. Three new games have been added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list, boosting the overall number over 250. The clear standout here is Virtua more
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The trouble with the Nintendo NX at this point is that Nintendo have gone for too long without sharing much about it- while speculating about what the new system amy be may have been fun or exciting at first, at this point, I think most people are just tired of the endless cycle of leaks, rumors, speculation, and insider reports. Which explains why most people are swearing off of commenting on more
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Now’s the perfect time to check out Ubisoft’s ambitious, albeit flawed, MMO racer. Ubisoft announced The Crew as their free game for the month last week, and as of today you can download and play the game for free. This is part of Ubisoft’s Ubi30 campaign, for which they’re making a new PC game free every month for seven months. This is the most contemporary offering yet in more
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UFC world champion Conor McGregor is, by the look of things, going to bust some heads in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. McGregor revealed his involvement in the next Call of Duty through the tweet above. Note that his character is not holding a gun in this image – is it perhaps too much to ask that McGregor will stampede through missions knocking people out and pinning them into more
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Over the past few months, Microsoft and EA have been giving Battlefield players one heck of a deal across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC by offering a plethora of free DLC expansions for both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline. Now, at long last, each and every DLC expansion for Battlefield 4 is free on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and it has fans rejoicing. "No longer do we have to be more
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If you’re interested in trying out the demo or purchasing the game, you may want to give this video the once over. It explores the top five changes you can expect in the racer. The demo for the racer, which was outed a bit early last week, includes various vehicles to try out and events such as the Australian location for the Horizon Festival. It also includes a portion of Forza Horizon more
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