Sony's PlayStation 4 has been outselling the Xbox One by some margin since the two consoles launched at the end of last year. But Microsoft is working to reverse that trend, despite estimates suggesting that around two million more PS4s have been sold compared with Xbox Ones. Clearly, there is much work for Microsoft to do to narrow that gap. But it seems that Microsoft more
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Well, it looks like the leaks are starting to flow - or else someone has decided to spend an unhealthy amount of time building an elaborate Start menu replica. As you can see in the image above, the Start menu is there but it's not all that exciting as we have seen most of this before. We do know that this is still an early build of next generation of Windows and we will have more to re more
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PlayStation 4 arrived late in Japan compared to other regions, and since its arrival, it has been a rather hard sale since launch. This is according to SCE boss Andrew House who told Eurogamer that while the console had a banner start, interest has tapered off since it first arrived at retail. House attributed the lack of continued sales in part to wariness of Japanese developers. more
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According to Microsoft's Roger Carpenter, the game will support eight player multiplayer at launch, but 4J Studios plans to raise the headcount via downloadable updates. Here's the Tweet in question. #minecraftxbox1 will be 8 player at release but we will continue working to allow more players in a future update! Minecraft Xbox One more
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Surprise sales are always nice, especially when you've got a weekend to spend with whatever you pick up from them. The PlayStation Blog has detailed the PlayStation Store's latest Flash Sale, which offers a range of PSOne and digital-only titles at an impulse-friendly 99 cent pricepoint. Highlights from recent times include Papo & Yo, Machinarium, Double Dragon Neon a more
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Xbox One now supports trial game downloads, letting players try a limited portion of a game then pay to unlock the rest. ID@Xbox director Chris Charla told Eurogamer that the system's online store previously supported demos and full games. It didn't support trial downloads, which bridge the gap on Xbox 360 by letting players skip downloading the game all over again if they decide to purchase the title. more
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Destiny beta access comes with three download codes, so you can invite two buddies and jump into the game as a fireteam. Destiny beta codes are available either by pre-ordering or through competitions – like ours – and must then be redeemed on As of today, you can access the redeemed codes section of your profile to choose your platform an more
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Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has announced a brand new batch of multiplayer maps coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC in the near future. The new map pack, called “Frontier’s Edge,” introduces three new multiplayer maps; an isolated mining outpost called “Dig Site,” an exclusive beach resort called “Haven, more
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Sledgehammer Games has released a brand new behind the scenes video for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare talking about the Sound Design for the game. The development and delivery of sound is a strong focus in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Sledgehammer Games Audio Director Don Veca details an audio intelligence system that makes virtually every impact and explosion sound unique.
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Ubisoft has shipped 8 million copies of Watch Dogs since the game's launch in May, the company announced in its Q1 2014 – 2015 financial report. Sales for the quarter were above expectations, hitting €360 million of an expected €310 million, and that's thanks in large part to Watch Dogs, Ubisoft says. In its first week at retail, Watch Dogs sales hit 4 million, making it Ubisoft's "best-selling gam more
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