During a live edition of his Major Nelson Radio podcast held at PAX East, Xbox Live’s Director of Programming Larry Hryb talked about a variety of interesting topics. First of all, Mirosoft is going to host “a couple of days of live shows” at E3, and they have “some cool stuff” planned. Speaking of trade shows, Hryb himself will host a story time keynote at PAX Australia. If more
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Yesterday during the during the Gears of War Season 2 finals The Coalition introduced a new multiplayer gameplay mode named Escalation for Gears of War 4. The new mode, dedicated to the core competitive user base, is true to its name due to a rule set that encourages the build-up of the heat of each match through several rounds towards a climax at the end. If you want to see it in action, more
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During the Gears of War Season 2 finals The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson and Jack Felling detailed a brand new mode for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Gears of War 4. The new mode, named Escalation, is an evolution of the tried and true Excution mode that appeared in previous games. The team looked at the dynamics of MOBA, and how they built up to a climax towards the ending. They they more
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While Apple definitely has us on our toes waiting for the iPhone 7 launch later this year, analysts predict that next year’s model is the one that we’re really gonna want. The 2017 model iPhone is purportedly being overhauled with major design changes which could merit Apple skipping its usual “s” cycle upgrade and offering the iPhone 8. By overhaul, we’re not talking about a spec more
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The PS4K is an exciting and bold new step forward towards the future of gaming consoles– however, it is a first, and that means that there will be those who will oppose it simply because it represents change. Apparently, that number includes a fair number of developers. Industry insider Colin Moriarty, who has his pulse on the PlayStation development community, has revealed that ‘most more
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Gearbox Software has said once Battleborn production wraps up, it will start work on Borderlands 3. Or will it be called Borderlands 4? The studio isn’t sure yet. peaking during a Eurogamer attended panel at PAX East yesterday, studio CEO Randy Pitchford said it’s no secret there’s “going to be another Borderlands.” “We don’t even know if we’re going to call it [Borderland more
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AMD is expected to rake in $1.5 billion in revenue from three new products, described as “design wins”. AMD's CEO, Lisa Su, told investors that the new products should bring in the revenue over the next three to four years, starting in the second-half of 2016. Earlier this month, we got more information on a new PlayStation console. Now, with AMD suggesting they'll begin to get a revenue from more
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If you’re a Mega user you should backup your data as soon as possible. That warning comes from the company’s original founder, and infamous figure, Kim Dotcom. In a series of tweets sent last night, the notorious internet mogul, Kim Dotcom, is warning users off of Mega. While not explicitly stated as such, Dotcom seems to believe that the data is no longer safe on the company’s servers. more
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Microsoft have confirmed that Xbox One sales are actually up year over year, contrary to predictions of sales of the troubled console slowing down- this is in spite of Microsoft’s admission that revenue from Xbox is down year on year. Microsoft explained that the contradiction was explained by lower Xbox 360 sales this year than last year, as well as Xbox One sales at lower price more
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Even with a busy spring full of great games, Steam’s Weekend Deals continue to offer plenty of chances to get in on popular games for free and pick them up at a discount, with several being offered for PC players this weekend. In this week’s Weekend Deals from Steam, Free Game Weekends are being offered for Rocket League and Company of Heroes 2 for players to download and try the game now more
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