Need for Speed is one of this fall's best games and it's about to receive some changes. First up are tweaks to the game's computer-controlled opponents. Developer Ghost Games says it's working to make the rubberband AI, what keeps the other racers close by you regardless of how much of a lead you've built, "more balanced." If you're a fan of th more
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A recent announcement from Take Two Interactive President Karl Slatoff is now giving fans more hope that "Red Dead Redemption 2" could finally be released next year. To be clear, Slatoff made no specific announcement saying that "Red Dead Redemption 2" would be released next year, however, he did reveal that Rockstar Games is already working on their next batch of what he te more
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You aren't alone in your desire to play Rockstar Games' old West epic Read Dead Redemption on your Xbox One -- Microsoft's director of program management Mike Ybarra wants to play it again, too. "I would love to see Red Dead," he said of making the Xbox 360 game backwards-compatible. In a recent interview, Ybarra revealed that it's a personal favorite and that he's pla more
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Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six: Siege will have an open beta just that will end just a few days before its release. The open beta will be available to play from November 25th until November 29th on PS4, PC, and Xbox One, with an option to pre-load going live on November 23rd. If you played in the closed beta then you will gain access o more
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You don't need to drop $150 on the Xbox One Elite controller to get access to one of its most prominent features: remapping the gamepad's buttons. Tucked away inside the Xbox One's new Windows 10-flavored menus is the app for changing what buttons do what on your standard Xbox One controller as well. Perhaps most notably, you can permanent more
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Earlier this month, Treyarch Studios released the latest addition to the Call of Duty series, Black Ops 3. In light of the game's release, Treyarch had one question... to Double XP or to not Double XP. The developers turned to their community to make the ultimate decision. Over 80,000 gamers voted and the decision was unanimous, Tre more
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You can try out NBA 2K16 for free this weekend on Xbox One. If you’re a Gold subscriber on Xbox One, you will be able to download a free trial of NBA 2K16 starting 9am PT/12pm ET on Friday, November 20. The trial allows access to the entire game. The download size is 45GB, so make sure you free up some space. The trial expires 12am PT/3am ET on Monday, November 23. The game itself will also be on sale this week, but Microsoft and 2K have yet to reveal the price. Probably because it’s part of big upcoming Black Friday sale.
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Microsoft is hosting a digital Black Friday sale on the Xbox Store this week. The sale starts on Friday, November 20 for Gold members, and opens up to everyone else November 24. 150 games across Xbox One and Xbox 360 will be discounted 40%-60%, with 10% more for Gold members. In addition, from November 20 through November 30, all non-Gold subscribers can get a one-month subscription for $1, this will allow them to access the sale on time. Catch the overly dramatic announcement trailer below
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Psyonix has announced the latest paid DLC that will be available for Rocket League this December in the form of the Chaos Run pack. This pack will include two new cars, Grog and Ripper, 12 new decals, two new paint jobs, wheels and trails, three car toppers, and three antennas. There will also be five new trophies available with the pack too. However, that is not the biggest more
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According to Steam achievements, a whole bunch of you are still camping out in Vault 111. Steam achievements reveal that 14.5 percent of Fallout 4 players on PC are yet to leave Vault 111. War Never Changes is the achievement awarded for leaving the Vault and entering the large game world after the tutorial section. 85.5 percent of players have begun more
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