The latest round of Xbox Deals with Gold offer some great discounts on quite a few games worth playing. The deals, which were listed on Major Nelson’s blog, apply to the US region – check your local Xbox Store for availability and local discounts. There are some strong titles in here – King’s Quest has been fantastic so far, and This War of Mine looks very interesting. The free more
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The DualShock 4 may be a very good controller – and it really is, it is Sony’s best controller yet – but Sony have consistently lagged behind Microsoft when it comes to controllers this generation. The Xbox One controller was rather great to begin with, and then, with the modular Xbox One Elite controller, Microsoft created what might be the best controller ever. So it’s good to see more
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Humble Bundle today tightens its grip on our credit cards with this incredible Neo Geo deal. This is actually an encore bundle: the Neo Geo Humble Bundle was available last December as well, but if you missed it then you’ve got two and a half days to grab it again. As always, proceeds are split between the developers and a charity of your choice (it defaults to the American Red more
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Sony has made a new firmware update available to download for all PS4 users. A new PlayStation 4 update has been released earlier today. Users all across the world need to download the new update, version 3.55, to be able to use online services. Update notes are void of anything exciting, sadly. The only patch note reads, “This system software update improves the quality of the system more
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Twitch has long been the de facto prime source for streaming video game content, but with popularity comes internet crime. Seedy online outlets are selling bot followers in bulk to make accounts look more popular than they really are, which the streaming service monitors and bans where it can. But enough is enough: Twitch is finally suing seven of the most active sellers of online viewbot more
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For a while there, we were convinced that Microsoft were preparing to leave the console market, once they started with their push for Windows 10 gaming- and given that Microsoft announced at E3 that literally all of their first party games and Xbox exclusives will be coming to Windows 10 as well, you would imagine us to be of this opinion even more now than ever. However, other things have more
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Battlefield 1 is one of the most anticipated games of the year, so any new bit of information on it is consumed ravenously by the adoring masses. Today, new information arose on the game’s character customization, via a screenshot shared on Twitter by DANNYonPC. This new screenshot basically shows us the kind of character customization options that will be made available to a player at the more
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The PS4 NEO was, sadly, a complete no show at E3 this year. Much like Nintendo had done with the NX, however, Sony had already stated that they would not be showcasing the new console before E3 had even begun- prompting speculation that the new, revised PS4 would not be due to launch this year after all, and would instead be launching some time next year, joining the NX and the Xbox One more
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Although Sony did not showed off the PlayStation 4 NEO this E3, a new SKU is confirmed to be under development. However according to reports, it will be weaker compared to the specs of the Xbox One Scorpio. The Scorpio will have 6Tflops GPU, memory bandwidth of 320 GB/s and will feature a possible boost to CPU as well. However much about the PS4 NEO is still a mystery although according to more
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Just how much smaller is Xbox One S than the one you have now? Have a look for yourself. Of course you would expect it to be smaller: it’s a slim model. And Microsoft already told you it was 40% smaller than the box you have on the shelf of your entertainment center. CNET has quite a few comparison pictures other than the one posted above. Check them out through here. It also comes more
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