343 Industries has released the newest patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection designed to improve matchmaking, roster, parties, and more. This is the latest in the many patches they released to improve the multiplayer side of the game. Detailed below you will find the patch notes via the Halo Waypoint site.
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Ubisoft has released patch 4 for Assassin's Creed Unity on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Patch 4 was originally due for release on Monday, but was delayed so that Ubisoft could work on additional improvements. This patch is mainly focused on alleviating performance issues and improving the overall experience. The patch is a whopping 6.7 GB and Ubiosoft explained why the need for such a large patch.
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Developer Bungie is rolling out a few new fixes to Destiny following the release of the game’s first expansion last week, The Dark Below. The quick update addresses some of the feedback gathered from fans after a week of hands-on time with the new content. Some tweaks have been made to raid gear, while a new node on the world map will make the expansionâ more
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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s season of micro-DLC kicks off this Tuesday morning, December 16, on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Now up for grabs in Advanced Warfare’s online store are 22 different DLC packs that contain a mix of brand new exo suits, helmets, weapon camos, reticles, calling cards, and player emblems to customize your operato more
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Rockstar Games has confirmed that GTA Online Heists will arrive in early 2015. With that, they are promising 20 hours of gameplay featuring new weapons, vehicles and items. This all comes from an interview over at IGN with Imran Sarwar, the lead mission designer and GTA Online producer. Rewards will be handed out to players for completing all five Heists in order, as well as completing them in first person mode on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
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Microsoft has launched the Xbox Deals with Gold Countdown to 2015 sale. The company is offering daily and weekly discounts on Xbox One and Xbox 360 games and DLC throughout the last two weeks of December.
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Xbox head Phil Spencer will make an appearance at a special Windows 10 event in January to discuss the company's plans for Windows gaming. The event, taking place at the firm's Redmond HQ on January 21, will see several Microsoft bigwigs offer an insight into the next major iteration of its operating system - and gaming will be a part of that co more
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This week, Assassin's Creed Unity season pass owners will be able to download a free Ubisoft game. This comes after a rocky launch that Ubisoft has been trying to fix ever since. The announcement of offering a free game came two weeks after the game's launch and they also announced compensation for all owners of the game. All Assassin's Creed Unity owners will be able to download the Dead Kings DLC for free, but season pass owners will be able to download one of the six games listed below for free.
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Sony would, of course, like you to see its PlayStation Plus service as a bargain, but how much value does it really add to your gaming life? Well, according to data compiled by UK publication Push Square, quite a lot, actually. After combing through the 2014 selection of games offered as part of the service's Instant Game Collection, Push Square reports that Sony offered more
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Microsoft will launch a new Xbox app and a very first glimpse at how Microsoft has designed the app in the new Windows 10 version has been revealed. In the new app it is designed to hold everything you want to get access to from your Xbox anytime and everywhere. This will definitely include achievement progress, activity feed, friendlist and the Xbox store. There are some leaked screenshot of the new layout, but because it is all in a preview stage it is possible that a lot of changes are coming in the near future.
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