Sledgehammer Games has announced that there will be a double XP weekend with a 24/7 map that fans vote on Jan 23 – Jan 26th. Fans can vote on the official Sledgehammer Games Facebook page for which map they want in the double XP playlist that weekend. As 2015 begins, we want to give you, the community, the opportunity to select your favorite more
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Beachhead Studio has announced that fans can earn in-game calling cards, clan backgrounds, emblems, and 2XP via leveling up their clan in Advanced Warfare. Clans accumulate Clan XP by winning multiplayer matches together and competing for in-game gear and glory in Clans Wars. Your Clan Level increases at certain Clan XP milestones, including a total of 25 Clan Levels.
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The Microsoft Store has The Elder Scrolls Online down for a February 24 release on Xbox One. The listing, noticed by Massively, could be a placeholder, but it is rather specific – and on a Tuesday which is when 99% of games are released in North America. TESO was originally slated to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One in April 2014 al more
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Microsoft has officially given its stance on Let's Play and game streaming videos, and it's good news for players who like to capture their gameplay. The company has stated that players who make gameplay footage available through either YouTube or Twitch are allowed to monetise those videos with ads, as long as they follow a new set of G more
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Valve has added CAPTCHA as part of a confirmation process to Steam trading. The company said it hopes the addition helps combat malware on users’ machines making trades on their behalf. “We’re updating trading to include a CAPTCHA as part of confirmation process,” said the service’s John Cook. “We know it’s a bit of a hassle, an more
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Xbox Live Gold users can hunt some unorthodox, fire-breathing game once Evolve's open beta launches later this week. The beta will offer two monster types and eight hunter characters across 12 maps, but those willing to pre-purchase Evolve on their consoles (once the option to do so is available) will be able to deploy hunters Abe, Parnell, Caira and Cabot as well more
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Developer Mojang will release an update for Minecraft on February 4 that will allow players to change their in-game names. A name changing option has been long requested by the Minecraft community, and was previously promised for release in early 2015 by Mojang.
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When you hear (or read in this case) the word ‘Emmy’ what comes to mind? Most likely actors and actresses gushing over how realistically they portrayed a regular person, all the whilst being adored by regular people. Well here’s something for you, the Emmy awards aren’t all about the faces that appear on our screen, but also the technical more
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Microsoft has said Google's disclosure of the security vulnerability in Windows 8.1 was more of a "gotcha" moment than about protecting customers. They also argued Google should be more flexible and be willing to work with other companies privately to help fix vulnerabilities. Senior Director of the Microsoft Security Response Center, Chris Be more
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Last month, Google took the bold steps to release the details of a security vulnerability ahead of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday. Microsoft said that the patch was set to be released two days after Google went live with the details and that they refused to wait an extra 48 hours so that the patch would have been released along with the details of the exploit. Recently, an exp more
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