Criminal Mastermind, the hardest challenge in GTA Online, has been completed by a team of players. The Criminal Mastermind challenge requires all the five Heists – including the set-up missions – to be completed in order without any players dying. You also need to complete all the Heists on Hard difficulty and with the same four team member more
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Two weeks ago, Halo fans were happy to receive the latest game update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which had notable effects on the game’s online matchmaking and party system. But just as those still invested in the collection know, developer 343 Industries is aware that there’s still more to be done. “We have another content update more
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The online petition to get Activision to remaster Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox One and PS4 has just hit its goal of 150,000 signatures. The petition, which is addressed to Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg and Infinity Ward CEO Jason West, states that "Modern Warfare 2 was one of Activision's best game. Just a fun & enjoyable game that more
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Last year (on April Fools’ Day, no less), Goat Simulator brought a terrifying new brand of destruction to various platforms – that being, well…goats. Luckily, if you’re either an Xbox One or Xbox 360 owner, you too can jump in on the goat action. In a new trailer released through the official Xbox YouTube channel, Goat Simulator will be making its way t more
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Ubisoft is getting ready for the wall-busting, hostage-rescuing Rainbow Six Siege closed alpha. There’s no date, yet, but you can sign up here, right now. The alpha is for North America and Europe only, and you’ll need a Uplay account to register. The alpha will be multiplayer only, and Ubisoft has released system requirements. These requirements are specific more
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Turtle Rock have come good on their promise of not fracturing the player base by giving away free maps for their co-op shooter. Two new locations will be available in April, called Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry. Thanks to lovely capitalism, the maps will be exclusive to Xbox One until April 30th, at which point they'll launch on PC and PS4. They'll be playable in Hunt, Nest more
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As part of their ongoing efforts to have players create pretty much all of the content in Team Fortress 2 by themselves, Valve have launched the Taunt Workshop, which allows creators to add their own custom animations to the game. A taunt is a short animation that you can trigger at will to gloat over the demise of an enemy or loved one. Usual more
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Someone has had their PSN account hacked, their PS4 deactivated and their account used on a new console to fraudulently purchase content worth $600. Sony’s customer support channels don’t look like they’ll be getting him that money back. Reddit user Kadjar claims that his account was hacked. The hacker then used the user’s cre more
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Titanfall developer Respawn has clarified that the free DLC and season pass offer currently in-effect, is in fact not a timed one. All the DLC packs along with the season pass of Titanfall were made free on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and later on PC earlier in the week. Today, developer Respawn Entertainment confirmed that they will remain free going forward to anyone purchasing the game. This may have som more
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Bungie isn’t quite ready to give up the specific’s on Destiny‘s next big game update in the pipeline, but the studio is open to offering fans a look into some of the priorities at the top of the studio’s list. More Vault space. Everyone wants it and Bungie knows you want it. Unfortunately, that’s about as detailed as the studio is willing to get more
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