The number of active users on Steam has reached a new record of 125 million. Valve announced today that are over 125 active Steam users worldwide. The Steam client now has 4500 games and 400 million pieces of user-generated content. Valve did not specify what it considers “active users,” though the number is impressive nonetheless. The company more
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There is a new Guitar Hero game in development at Activision, and it’s set to be revealed at this year’s E3. According to sources close to Kotaku, Activision is currently working on a new Guitar Hero game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The upcoming game’s visual style will be different from older releases in the franchise in that it will adopt a “more reali more
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There’s no news yet on when the next set of micro items will be available. Michael Condrey laid out hints with regards to what updates Sledgehammer is planning on making to Advanced Warfare’s Elite gear drops. On numerous occasions, he’s made it clear that alternative ways to acquire Elite gear, aside from Loot Drops, will be available sometime in the future. Now, it appears that your Prestige level might have some correlation with the gear you’ll be able to earn.
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More updates are in store for Sledgehammer Games’ shooter, including more tweaks to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare‘s arsenal of weapons, according to Studio Head, Michael Condrey. A handful of weapons were re-tuned in previous updates on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, but as Condrey indicated on his Twitter, fans can expect updates to 15 or more weapons in the near future.
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Sony have made available for download the new firmware for its veteran PS3 console. The new update is numbered 4.70. As many probably expected, the patch brings only minor changes, even if there are a couple bits and bobs changed. What’s most interesting is a new PlayStation Network icon (you can see it at the bottom of the post), that seems to be more in line with Sony Computer Entertainment’s current branding and colors.
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Valve is getting ready to unveil a new project its been working on, dubbed SteamVR. It, alongside updated controllers and new machines will be unveiled at the Game Developers Conference next week. The company announced on its website that the “Steam Universe” was expanding with the addition of an as of yet unknown SteamVR project. Valve was among the first companies to see the po more
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Grand Theft Auto V for PC will be arriving on April 14th as announced by Rockstar Games today. The PC launch was originally dated for January 27th before a delayed that was pushed to March 24th. This delay is to "ensure that the game is as polished as possible, and to make certain that both Heists and the GTA Online experience are ready to roll out on day one for PC." Anyone who pre-ordered the game will be getting an additional $200,000 for use in GTA Online.
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Rockstar Games announced today that GTA Online Heists will be arriving to consoles on March 10th. The online Heists will be bringing a new 4 player cooperative gameplay experience to GTA Online. Players can team up to pull off raids and robberies across all Los Santos and Blaine County. Rockstar Games stated that more information will arrive over the next couple weeks along with information about other features along with the launch of Heists. Take a look at the statement below from Rockstar Games and some new screenshots of the Heists.
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2K Games has released an infographic for Turtle Rock Studios’ latest title, Evolve, revealing the game’s statistics for its first week. According to the infographic, there have been 5,989,905 games since launch, and 133,707,700 minutes have been watched on Twitch. In addition, out of all games played hunters have won 48% and monsters have won 51%.
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After seven pre-release versions, Minecraft 1.8.2 was released into the wild yesterday, adding a few minor changes since pre-release 7. But that was yesterday. That was the past! 1.8.2 is dead, replaced by the usurper, 1.8.3. That was quick. According to Mojang, a serious bug in the 1.8.2 server caused the game to crash on world load, necessitating an update to 1.8.3. more
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