Did you need some heavy-handed, dubstep-pumping Xbox promotion to warm up your day? Good news! Xbox’s newest trailer is out, with a supercut of all the best games of 2015 (with Ori and the Blind Forest notoriously missing) as well as the games coming in the next few couple of years. The message? “Xbox One is the only console with ever top-ten bestselling game and blockbuster of 2015, and more
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Microsoft Store may be hinting to some upcoming announcements. Earlier today, diligent NeoGAF users SPDIF and Boo Boo’n managed to find hidden listings on Microsoft’s digital storefront, Microsoft Store. What they found were two listings: “Fragments” and “Young Conker.” Why are these listings possibly significant? Both were found under the Games section of the store, as compared to more
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Despite the updates on matchmaking and moving towards a more connection-based model for Crucible, Bungie has still been surprisingly silent on PvE content for Destiny. In fact, other than Crimson Doubles, we haven’t seen much of a PvP roadmap either aside from an update coming in Spring to rival The Taken King. That being said, Bungie has clarified that it isn’t done adding content to the more
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Grand Theft Auto is still one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world. Publisher Take-Two Interactive revealed today that developer Rockstar Games has shipped more than 60 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V across all platforms. That does not mean consumers have bought 60 million copies — instead, this figure refers to how many GTA V units retailers have ordered in total. With the more
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Overwatch will once more open its doors to a select few testers, and you could be among them. While not yet ready for open testing, Overwatch will host another closed beta next week. The test kicks off on February 9 in Europe and the US, February 10 in Australia and New Zealand, and February 16 in Asia. This session will show off a number of new features and refinements added since last more
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Homefront: The Revolution is the latest title to include in-game microtransactions, though the developers promise post-launch DLC to be free. The upcoming Homefront: The Revolution will not feature a season pass. Instead, the game will rely on microtransactions, and will offer “at least a year” of free content post launch. Game designer Fasahat Salim explained to Gamespot in an more
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The latest Humble Bundle gathers together a variety of games from French mega-pub Ubisoft. The Humble Ubisoft Bundle offers Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Grow Home and Rayman Origins for anything over $1. Beat the average – $5.68 at time of writing – to also receive Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist and Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China. More games will be added to this tier later more
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The latest free game from EA is Criterion’s last solo Need for Speed effort. 2012 racer Need for Speed: Most Wanted is free through Origin as part of EA’s On The House promotion series. A fairly well-received entry, Most Wanted was the last in the Need for Speed series to be developed solely by Criterion. The following year’s entry, Rivals, was produced in collaboration with Ghost more
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Far Cry Primal hits Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 23, just a few short weeks away. However, Xbox just today unveiled a new offer from Ubisoft to persuade fans to grab the game on Xbox One. Digital versions of Far Cry Primal now include a copy of Valiant Hearts, the World War 1 themed adventure title. While it might have made more sense to pair the game with, maybe, Far Cry 4, this more
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Bungie’s Destiny received a range of different matchmaking configurations during Iron Banner week, reverting matchmaking to a more connection-based status. How long will it take to reach other playlists though? According to Bungie’s official Twitter, the settings are already in effect for one playlist. “New matchmaking settings seen last week in Iron Banner are now live in Skirmish. more
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