Mojang revealed on their official website today that the Warner Bros. produced Minecraft movie will be coming out on May 24, 2019. Directed by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney, the Minecraft movie will be live-action, and will be in both IMAX and 3D. Mojang also says that they will be sharing loads more as the movie gets closer to release, and we will be sure to more
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A new Japanese promotional video has been released for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS exclusive Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. The trailer simultaneously promotes Sonic Toon, an animation based on the universe and featuring the same characters as Sonic Boom. We get to see some more game-play from the different perspectives, and are reintroduced to the game’s playable cast. We even get to see some of the more
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PlayStation Blog talked to Bandai Namco’s Game Director and Chief Producer Katsuhiro Harada to find out what’s new as Tekken 7 heads to consoles. Harada-san mentioned that the game features interactive cutscenes, which are included in the story mode, allowing you to avoid additional damage from these cutscenes by use of button prompts. Harada-san also announced the return of destructible more
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Microsoft has confirmed that a second Halo Wars 2 beta will occur due to the popularity of the one that ran from June 13-23. This second beta will be held “closer to launch,” in a statement reported by GameSpot. The second beta will include an unamed new mode. The first beta contained deathmatch and domination. While no date was given, Halo Wars 2 launches on Windows 10 and Xbox One on more
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DICE’s Battlefield 1 looks awesome- the game seems to be eschewing the modern military setting typical of most shooters on the market these days, including the past few Battlefield games, and instead seems to be returning to a historical setting. But it is also going back further than any major shooter has in history- DICE and EA will be taking us all the way to World War 1 with Battlefield more
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Fans of Bungie’s widely successful shooter are already well aware of the fact that developers are currently working on Destiny’s latest expansion, Rise of Iron. As previously reported, Bungie has decided to leave behind older generation console players by excluding the upcoming DLC for PS3 and Xbox 360. However, Bungie seems to be fully focusing on PS4 and Xbox One ports, because the studio more
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Xbox Live Games with Gold for July 2016 are due for an official announcement soon, but a partial list of the games might have been leaked online ahead of the announcement. This leak was made by a credible insider ekim on gaming forum NeoGAF, who is usually spot on with his leaks in the past, especially the ones that are related to Microsoft. According to him, the upcoming Games with Gold lineup more
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When Microsoft announced the Xbox One S this E3, it truly seemed to be the definitive version of their newest console, at least until Scorpio comes around and completely rethinks it from the ground up. And it would have been, too… except for one omission. Look, a lot of us may not care for the Kinect, and Microsoft may have over time completely reduced any use that it might have had, to the more
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A brand new system update is now available for Xbox One to Preview members, and it fixes one of the big problems with the system- it fixes the Instant On mode, so that files continue downloading in the background even once the system enters its low power mode. That’s not the only fix, either- the Xbox Store is fixed, too, so you can see the correct prices for any content that’s on sale or more
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Hold on to your digital wallets! It’s the Steam Summer Sale and there is nowhere to hide. Buy cheap games. Play them. Be happy with your life choices. Probably the best two weeks of the gaming year, the Steam Summer Sale brings you daily discounts on top games and there are 12,845 titles on sale through the store. We’re going to be listing them all here and updating every day. You won’t more
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