Remember the Red Dead Redemption world map that leaked back in April, and was later confirmed to be legit by one site. Well, the same person responsible for confirming the leak revealed some news earlier. Hugh Langley, formerly of Tech Radar, got in touch with his source again to learn that Rockstar is preparing a reveal trailer for the new Red Dead Redemption game, and it’s due to go live more
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A lot has been said and done about the comparison between Sony’s upcoming PS4 pro and Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, despite the fact that they’re divided pretty much by a year. Xbox division head honcho Phil Spencer was asked explicitly by the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu what he thinks the difference between the two consoles is. Spencer started by recognizing that describing a more
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Yesterday Rockstar Games shocked the world by suddenly releasing a teaser that looked decidedly Red Dead Redemption – their logo set against a dirtied red background. The internet went into meltdown. Inside 24 hours it saw 100,000 retweets. Things were quieting down… but now they’ve released another image. The internet shits a brick again. Here it is:
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Infinity Ward has announced via a Tweet that it will be extending the on-going Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta on PS4 by another 24 hours. Therefore, rather than concluding on Monday, you will get a whole extra to play until it wraps on October 18th (Tuesday) at 10 a.m. PDT. The current beta is open to only PS4 players who pre-ordered the game. However, the following weekend a second beta more
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Xbox One managed to outsell the PlayStation 4 for the third successive month according to latest NPD numbers. This is not surprising since Microsoft are on a roll recently. A new console in the form on Xbox One S, fantastic first party support in the form of Forza Horizon 3 have more or less assured Microsoft a great finish to 2016. In reaction to this success, Xbox boss Phil Spencer claims more
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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be bringing the Zombies mode back, becoming the first Infinity Ward developed Call of Duty game to do so. And it’s a good thing, too, considering that Zombies may just be the best thing about Call of Duty at the moment. It also sounds like Infinity Ward are going to make up for all the times previously that they haven’t included Zombies, because Zombies in more
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Fans have been waiting for a third Red Dead game for a long time now. Red Dead Redemption was an absolute masterpiece, and one of the best games of the previous generation- so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. But news on a third Red Dead game has been hard to come by, with fans having being strung along with the expectation of a new title for many months, if not years now. But more
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After more than six years, Sony agreed to pay out millions to settle the class-action lawsuit surrounding its removal of the "install other OS" feature from the PS3 in 2010. Now owners of the original version of that console can file claims. A settlement notice sent out this week states that PS3 "Fat" owners who made the purchase between November 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010 are eligible to do more
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Xbox One’s backward compatibility program has brought lots of great Xbox 360 to Microsoft’s current gen console, but there are plenty of other titles from the original Xbox that will never see the light of day on current consoles without a re-release or remaster. But that could all change very soon, as when asked by a fan on twitter whether original Xbox games will ever make it into the more
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The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta is live for PlayStation 4 users this weekend, and as promised, Infinity Ward has added new content to the rotation. As previously reported, Kill Confirmed has been added along with a nice surprise: the Precinct map. Precinct is set in Japan and is a medium sized map with winding streets. The area, according to the clip above, uses “grand interiors more
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