Destiny's galaxy may be vast and currently well-populated with beta Guardians, but players aren't able to team up with heroes hailing from different consoles. While technical issues might seem like a likely culprit, Bungie engineer Roger Wolfson told Digital Trends the lack of cross-platform play is more about maintaining a consistent experience f more
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The next Xbox One update looks to be pretty substantial, expanding on the console's social features and adding some oft-requested functionality. The activity feed is getting quite a few sociable additions, such as the ability to "like" your friends' activities, post text, comment on others' activities, and share "game clips and anything else" with f more
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Over the next few days, Microsoft will push out an update to those of you who are in the 'Xbox Preview Dashboard' program that will bring with it new features which will eventually be released in August. If you need an invite to the program, you can head into the forums as there is a thread where users are giving out invitations to the dashboard preview app that you need to register your console. Once you have more
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Earlier this week, Microsoft said that console sales of the Xbox One doubled for the month of June when compared to the prior month. On the face of it, this looks like great news for Microsoft and frankly, it is, as doubling sales is good for the bottom line - but in the console wars, this is not enough. According to the latest NPD numbers, Sony's PS4 more
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Microsoft has announced it will close its Xbox Entertainment Studios in the coming months, according to an internal memo sent to employees by Xbox boss Phil Spencer. In the memo obtained by The Verge, Spencer stated Microsoft as a platform company is a “mobile-first and cloud-first world” and that “games are the single biggest digital life categ more
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Ubisoft's Watch Dogs was the top-selling game at physical retail in US in June, according to NPD figures. The open-world action game beat out Mario Kart 8 and Minecraft (PS3/360 editions), which rounded out the top-three. Notably, FIFA 14 placed fifth the charts, its first top-10 appearance in 2014 no doubt driven by the buzz surrounding the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Console software was u more
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EA has announced that the fourth major Titanfall update will be released on Xbox 360 next Monday, July 21. Already available on Xbox One and PC, the update features a long list of new content and gameplay tweaks, headlined by a 'Featured Game Mode' option, which sees new temporary game modes rotated on a regular basis. The first mode to be introduced will be Marked for Death, in which more
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Popular YouTube network Yogscast has confirmed that Kickstarter-funded sandbox game Yogventures has been cancelled. The project raised $570,000 during its 2012 Kickstarter campaign and subsequently went into development at indie studio Winterkewl Games. Originally planned for release in 2013, the project is no longer due to see the light of day. Winterkewl is in danger of going out of business a more
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Rockstar has verified ten new Grand Theft Auto Online jobs, all created by its community for the recent I'm Not a Hipster event weekend. The complete list of new jobs follows: Dubsta Warz - created by Darteyld: Put the climbing ability of your new Dubsta to the test in this point-to-point Race where roads are for the weak. Starting out on Chumash Beach, get to more
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The hacker who became notorious for breaking open the PS3's anti-piracy measures has been hired by Google to work on its latest security project. George Hotz, better known by his online alias GeoHot, is joining the technology firm's Project Zero initiative, which is designed to prevent computer users from being spied on via bugs in software. "You should be able to u more
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