According to Microsoft The Xbox One had a strong showing on Black Friday. According to a statement made by Mike Nichols who is the VP of marketing of Xbox “There was strong demand for Xbox hardware, accessories, games and Xbox Live engagement on Black Friday, based on initial results, with a strong start to the holiday season” Microsoft offered no indications regarding hardware sales more
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Microsoft today added four new Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list. Today's additions include Astropop, MOH Airborne, Oblivion, and Trine 2. Tuesday and Thursday are the typical days for new backward compatible games, although we didn't get any last Thursday, due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Tuesday saw three additions, which included Burnout Paradise, Pure, more
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The season pass for the next year of content for Rainbow Six Siege has popped up on digital storefronts. Ubisoft previously confirmed that next year will see the release of a number of add-ons for Rainbow Six Siege. In fact, the publisher said to expect news of the new season of content before the end of this year. It seems we’re approaching the reveal of season two, as the Year 2 season more
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EA Origin and EA Access users will be able to try Titanfall 2’s multiplayer for free starting tomorrow. It’s the full multiplayer offering which means all maps, modes, weapons and content from the Angel City’s Most Wanted DLC will be available when it is released on December 3. Progress from the trial carries over to the full game when you upgrade, so you can keep playing where you more
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The Black Friday season has probably left your wallet a little light, which is why this week’s deals are not huge. Black Friday or not, the weekly Xbox Live deals have gone live right on schedule, with a fresh batch of discounted games. The deals are understandably limited this week, seeing as the Xbox Black Friday sale just wrapped up on Monday. That said, both Atari Flashback Classics more
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No Man’s Sky could be getting a new vehicle if the latest update file is anything to go by. The update includes a file for a unavailable vehicle, and could hint that developer Hello Games may introduce the vehicle sometime in the future. The discovery of the file was made by Reddit user eegandj who found the file which includes textures and a model for what appears to be some type of buggy more
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We knew that sales of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare were down compared to previous years; however, we now know just how much they are down by. Not long after its release, launch week sales of Infinite Warfare were said to be down by nearly 50% on Black Ops III. According to VGChartz, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare only managed to sell 1.8 million copies on PS4, Xbox One, and PC during its more
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It's a whole new, winter-themed campaign with over 50 new race events and challenges to compete in, wrestling your vehicles through new courses in the freshest of conditions, along with some of the most extreme Forza has seen. Hill Climb, Descent and Blizzard race events will test your driving skills unlike anything did in the heat haze of Australia. There are also new Bucket List Blueprint more
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Since before Apple even announced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, rumors have been floating around that the company might kill off the home button on next year's iPhone. According to a new report from Makotakara (via 9to5Mac), the next iPad might actually be the first Apple device to ditch the iconic button. The move would be somewhat unprecedented by the company, as iPhones tend to receive new more
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Although Sony have not shared numbers officially yet, it loos like the combined effect of the Holiday Season spurring shopping worldwide, some aggressive promotions and bundles, and of course, the launch of the PS4 Pro, may have seen them move an obscene amount of units worldwide. According to Ubisoft employee Sunny Sanghera, who is responsible for data collation and analysis, Sony managed to more
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