New details surrounding the release date and unveiling of have been uncovered today. Fans found out yesterday that the new COD title from Infinity Ward's look set to be revealed by Activision on May 3 and could be called Infinite Warfare. It appears the earlier rumours of a future setting has proved true, although we won't know for sure until next week. While fans found out some vital more
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Trilogy has shown up on Amazon UK. under Activision Classics. The release date also appeared on a screenshot recently, with additional indication "Modern Warfare Remastered". Of course, Activision has not commented about it, which raises serious doubts about the veracity of the page. Its hard to imagine the firm creating an Amazon page before making an official more
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We don't know what it looks like. We don't know how it works. But now, we finally know when Nintendo's next system will launch: March 2017. The company's mysterious "NX" platform was first teased more than a year ago, during an investor presentation that also outlined its smartphone strategy. We've heard plenty of rumors since then, including a console-handheld hybrid, a system more powerful than more
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And the leak keeps dripping. After a possible reveal by next week, and the title appearing on PSN, a new leak suggests that a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare "Legacy Edition" will include a remastered version of the original Modern Warfare game. Posted on Reddit, an image appears to show a reservation card from US shop, Target, showing a November 4 release date, art, title and the Modern more
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Xbox Live Gold members will be treated to four free games in May, and Microsoft has revealed the offerings. Two Xbox One and two Xbox 360 games will be available to download throughout May — and three of them are sequels. Defense Grid 2 on Xbox One and Grid 2 on Xbox 360 will be up for download starting May 1. Defense Grid 2 will be offered all monthlong, while Grid 2 is only available to more
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Even more excuses never to get the Xbox 360 out of the utility closet under the stairs and blow the dust from its little face. Microsoft has made five more Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One, in response to your unceasing demands not to have all the money you spent over the past ten years seem quite so evaporative. The new games, harvested from the ranks of Xbox Live Arcade, are 80’s and more
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Two Call of Duty rumors have popped up online today: one is that it’s set for a reveal next week, the other: it’s subtitled Infinite Warfare. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare listed on PS Store, set for real next week – rumor A reveal date of May 3 was posted online through a retailer, according to a tweet from Jim Sterling. The listing has a “replace header image” notation next to it more
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Xbox Live Gold members rejoice – the open beta for Gears of War 4 is now available on Xbox One. This beta is for the multiplayer alone and promises some new maps, characters and modes from the closed beta that was going on since April 18th. The open beta will be available until May 1st and if you hit level 20, you’ll receive some exclusive rewards for use in the final game. Despite some more
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Psyonix’s latest mode Hoops for the highly addictive Rocket League is now live. It was originally planned to release on April 26th but the developer decided to release it a day early. As revealed on Twitter, the update started rolling out at 4 AM PST on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Depending on your time zone you may have to wait a bit to download it but it should be available for all regions more
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The Gears of War 4 digital ultimate edition includes the season pass and early access to the game. If you’re eager to get stuck in to Gears of War 4 and you’re considering grabbing the season pass, it might be worth your while to download the digital Ultimate Edition. The bundle will set you back £80/ $100, and you’ll get the “base game, Season Pass and pre-order bonuses Gears of more
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