Rocket League should probably be available everywhere, since everyone wants it. Rocket League launched on PC and PS4 in early July and has become one of the hits of summer, with 5 million downloads across the two platforms. Speaking to Gamezone, Psyonix marketing boss Jeremy Dunham said the developer is focused on bringing Rocket League to new players no more
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The final part of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies saga arrives August 4th on Xbox Live with the Reckoning DLC pack. The details read: Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to the Exo Zombies saga, as Descent takes our four heroes to a deep water Atlas base in order to stop the source of the infection once and for all. Battle new enemies more
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Thanks to backwards compatibility, those who purchase the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will be handed the entire series to date. The deal applies to those purchasing the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle as well, with a slight catch. In order to get the collection, Xbox Live players will have to log into the Gears of War: Ult more
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As just announced by Xbox's own Major Nelson, two more games are getting added to the Backward Compatibility list for Xbox One starting today. The two games are the first Gears of War and Shadow Complex. The two additions bring the total number of Backward Compatible games to 23. If you are an Xbox Preview member, these two games will more
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Starting today and lasting through this weekend, players can earn double the payout in The Pacific Standard Heist. This is the last of the Double RP and GTA$ Heist line-up. The bonuses extend to the Elite Challenges as well, so finish the Finale in under 10:15, avoid having NOOSE called and make sure nobody gets wasted to reap some serious rewards.
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Many PC gamers find it rather difficult to adapt to aiming with a controller on consoles, and the Japanese manufacturer GameTech decided to help them out with a device named Tsunaident4 MAX. The little device attaches to your PS4 (or PS3, as it’s compatible with Sony’s older console as well) and comes with several ports to attach any more
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Microsoft’s Xbox Division boss Phil Spencer is preparing for Gamescom after a few days in Shanghai for Chinajoy, but he still took the time to provide the fans with a few interesting answers on Twitter. First of all, we learn that data installation for backwards compatible games on Xbox One will always be a download. Installing from the disk is not possible because it requires data that is not available on the original print.
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The patch notes for v1.03 of Rocket League have been posted to Steam detailing various updates and additions that will come to the popular sports/car game, the patch released July 31, 2015 for Steam and PS4. Rocket League will be free with PlayStation Plus until the next Store update on August 4.
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Back in 2014, the signature chant of WWE’s Daniel Bryan — “Yes! Yes! Yes!” — became a viral sports movement. The San Francisco Giants used it as motivation to win the World Series, the Michigan State Spartans used it to celebrate their Rose Bowl victory and New York Islanders fans started chanting it as a goal celebration. So much so, in fact, that olde more
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One of the biggest surprises from E3 this year was that Fallout 4 would support user mods across PC and Xbox One. That's still in the cards, but it definitely won't happen at launch. Of course, that's because the tools that'd allow you to, say, replace the game's fearsome bear-like enemies the Yao Guai with 3D models of Yogi the Bear don't exist yet according to IGN. Publisher Bethesda more
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