A new challenger approaches – or rather, Capcom’s Street Fighter 5 is almost here. The PC version is available now for pre-load on Steam. This means you can download the full game now and be ready to play it as soon as it launches on Steam. Street Fighter 5 will also be coming to the PS4 on February 16th – with the street date having been broken by many retailers – and brings both old more
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Call of Duty 2016 has been confirmed to be in development by Infinity Ward, the developers of Call of Duty Ghosts that was released in 2013 during the launch of PS4 and Xbox One. We still don’t know whether their new game is COD: Ghosts 2, COD: Advanced Warfare 2 or a sequel to an older Call of Duty like Modern Warfare. Call of Duty Ghosts was the weakest entry in the series. It was developed more
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Phil Spencer has been walking the line between advocating more Xbox One games on the PC and making sure those games are high quality. The Xbox One exec took to Twitter again to talk specifically about the recent announcement that Quantum Break is no longer an Xbox One exclusive. The game will now also be coming to PC and that news has been met with mixed reactions. However Spencer has defended more
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EA Sports’ annual FIFA series is great and all – after all, it continues to do well critically and commercially every year – but it is growing a bit long in the tooth. The last major overhaul for the games came back when Ultimate Team was first introduced, and that was years ago. Since then, all we’ve had have been minor iterations on and refinements of the same formula and more
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Activision has revealed in their Q4 2015 results briefing that Destiny will get a large expansion in 2016. They have also confirmed a sequel to the game will be released in 2017. Destiny’s developer Bungie had earlier talked about switching to free incremental updates with new content in 2016 but it is highly likely that the plans have changed now and they are going back to making new more
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It appears that Knack II is currently under development for the PS4. A 3D animator who has previously worked on Final Fantasy XV is lending talent to the 3D platformer. Based on her résumé, she has been working on the game alongside Sony since May 2015. Mindy Liang, who is a 3D animator at XPEC Entertainment Inc., has been working on character animations and NPC motions for Final Fantasy more
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Quantum Break will likely be the first of many titles to support Microsoft’s version of crossbuy. Crossbuy, a feature that’s been available to owners of home and handheld PlayStation consoles for a while now, seems to be finding its way into Microsoft’s ecosystem. Yesterday’s Quantum Break reveals came with the announcement that pre-ordering the game on Xbox One gets you a Windows more
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Players can get double Rep this weekend in Need for Speed. From today through February 14th, all players will receive bonus Reputation. Reputation can be earned by performing various actions in racing such as stunts and other maneuvers. Need for Speed is set to release in March for PC through Origin. Origin Access members will be able to play it a few days early.
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Today, PC Gamer announced that its PC Gaming Show, which made its debut at E3 2015 will return this year for E3 2016. The show will take place live in Los Angeles on June 13th at 12 noon PST / 3 PM EST. PC Gamer says this year's show will be "even better" than last year, stating that last year's event was too long. This year's will be "more focused," but will still have "tons of new more
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Back in December, a Windows 10 Mobile device was spotted on a benchmarking site, identifying itself as the 'HP Falcon'. Some additional details emerged later that month, suggesting that HP would be targeting the device at business buyers - much the same as VAIO's new Windows 10 Mobile handset, the Phone Biz, which was unveiled last week. And now, thanks to serial leakster Evan Blass (better more
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