Capcom really messed up with the launch of Street Fighter 5– the game, which was launched without much, if any, in the way of meaningful content, and which lacked some basic features necessary for a competitive multiplayer game, garnered enough bad will and bad word of mouth that apparently, its sales performance seems to have completely stalled. In their financial report for the quarter more
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Rainbow Six Siege will be free to play on PC and Xbox One this weekend, Ubisoft has announced. The free play time has already begun on Xbox One, with PC kicking off at 1:00pm EDT today. Both will expire next Monday, August 1. If you’re on PC simply load up Uplay and you’ll be able to download the game, on Xbox One just head to the store and download the tactical shooter from there.
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EA is currently testing a complete UI redesign for its Origin client on PC. The new changes are available to those who opt-in Origin’s beta programme. NeoGAF member SmartWaffles has received the update, and decided to take a couple of screenshots of the thing, and it looks a lot better than it does now. As you can see in the gallery below, the design is now based almost entirely on tiles, more
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Whether you're a fan of Apple's iPhones or not, you can't deny their extraordinary success, and their significant impact on the global smartphone market over the last nine years. The first iPhone went on sale in June 2007, and now, Apple has revealed that it's sold over a billion iPhones since then. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the news to employees today, saying:
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The Xbox 360 was one of the better names for a console, a name that was a master stroke of brilliance (the ‘3’ in Xbox 360 made the console seem competitive with the PlayStation 3, which it was- where calling it Xbox 2 might have made it seem generationally inferior), and the name also made good sense in terms of what Microsoft were trying to achieve with the machine. But for a while more
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Pokemon GO has a level cap of 40 as we have detailed earlier and it requires millions of experience points in order to be reached. This requires a lot of dedication and grinding for the player as the experience points requirement are just insane at the higher level. Now that the game has been out for close to a month, we have out first legit player that has managed to hit the maximum level cap more
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There were rumblings that there would be some major unofficial news about the NX soon, and it seems that day has arrived in the form of a massive Eurogamer leak about Nintendo’s new console. An extensive article details for the first time what exactly the system is, and as many predicted, Nintendo’s new console is heavily focused on mobile play. Not just heavily, almost entirely.
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App tracking firm Sensor Tower estimates Pokemon Go has been downloaded 75 million times worldwide, up from the 35 million reported last week. The figure combines downloads for both iOS and Android devices in 32 of the 100 markets in Which Apple’s App Store and Google Play are available. According to the figures, Pokemon Go was downloaded 50 million downloads in 19 days, faster that other more
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Sony has revealed the full list of free games that will be made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in the month of August. The first game for the PlayStation 4 is Tricky Towers, which is a physics-based puzzle game in development by the studio WeirdBeard. The game features tower stacking gameplay, but switches it up a notch by adding a competitive multiplayer focus in which players race more
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After releasing a sizable update earlier this month, Treyarch has brought out another update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The update addresses a lot of the issues within the game. It removes the Mercenary playlist from the game, and includes changes made to the weapons and specialists. The patch notes for Version 1.14 are listed below:
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