Last week, the rumors of a PS4 and Vita price drop were going around. The alleged price drops (PS4 $349 and Vita $89) were said to announce as soon as E3. Those who were hoping to get your hands on a new console for less, you're in for a letdown. Sony announced that the above price drops anytime soon would be frivolous, silly and just plain foolish. These price drops will not be ha more
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One Grand Theft Auto V player took it upon himself to fix one of Rockstar's sprawling action-adventure video game's most glaring omissions: being able to cause all sorts of mayhem with a grappling hook. Now, you can finally tether a train to a truck and see what happens, or just run around town, swinging from building to building just like Spider- more
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While the first June System Software Update for the Xbox One was made available to everyone today, those that are part of the first wave just got a second update, released just a few minutes ago. The update applies more tweaks to the party chat, and fixes more issues arisen with Ryse: Son of Rome‘s multiplayer invites. Below you can see the full patch notes posted by Program Manager Emily Hanson in the private preview forums:
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A release date for Battlefield 4’s upcoming Spring Patch has been locked down, says developer DICE LA. The big update, which was explored in greater detail earlier last week, will arrive on May 26 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. DICE LA has listed the following for expected release timing on all platforms. PC more
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A job opening has appeared on the official Sony PlayStation page for a “Senior Game Programmer” and it begs the question if Sony really is working on their next generation PlayStation 5 gaming console. The job description reads:
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Graeme Boyd who is the social marketing manager at Xbox, has revealed in an interview with gamer2gamerevolved that there are more exclusives besides the ones that are already announced. Speaking about Halo 5, he admitted that the franchise is important to Microsoft but there is lots more to come besides Fable Legends, Quantum Break and Rise of The Tomb Raider. “Absolutely. As you can imagine more
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YouTube has launched 60fps support for its livestreaming service. Having launched 60fps playback some time ago, YouTube has now upgraded its streaming technology to support 60fps livestreams. The new system transcodes streams into 720p60 and 1080p60. You will need a browser that supports HTML 5 to be able to watch said streams. The HTML 5 player now also supports rewinding and va more
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Microsoft’s E3 briefing will clock in at 90 minutes, and the publisher is still figuring out how to fit everything in there. The Xbox media briefing at E3 2015 will be 90 minutes long. Xbox boss Phil Spencer answered a fan question on Twitter and confirmed the runtime. 90 minutes is apparently not enough, based on the number of games the company is bringing to the show. Spencer added in another tweet that more
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Mojang has released another security patch for Minecraft updating the game to version 1.8.5. A previous security update was released in April bringing the game to version 1.8.4. It was released after a vulnerability was found which allowed users to remotely crash servers. The update fixed reported security issues along with bug fixes such as issues with in more
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Microsoft announced the features of the June update of the Xbox One system software for preview members yesterday, but the first patch is somewhat smaller, as indicated by the full patch notes released in the private preview forums. As mentioned in the preview forums, if you didn’t receive it yet, you shouldn’t worry, because it will be delivered in two waves, and you might be in the second. Below you can see the patch notes of today’s update:
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