Microsoft’s April system update for the Xbox One is live and has issued several improvements in the form of better Kinect voice and gesture commands, progress bars for save files and apps, and improved Friend notifications. It seems the company is gearing up for its next system update fairly soon though, as a letter was sent out to previous participants for the next preview. Ch more
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The PS4 sold more than the Xbox One or any other console in March – making it the hardware leader for the third consecutive month – market research group NPD reports. The Xbox One and PS4 pushed US hardware sales in March up 78 percent from 2013, from $222 million to $395 million. Overall game sales in March were up 3 percent year-over-year. Five months in, the PS4 an more
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The on-again, off-again BioShock movie adaptation appears to be on the move again, as Sony Pictures has registered three domains seemingly related to the ethereal film. As Kotaku points out, Sony Pictures now holds the rights to, and None of those URLS bring up any sort of content, suggesting a preemptive move to lock up the d more
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Titanfall producer Drew McCoy ain’t give a **** if his game is making dollars, he’s doing it for the love. Speaking to GameSpot, McCoy said he’s happy the development team is still working on it – he’s not in this business for the cheddar. “I don’t know if it’s making a profit, I don’t know if it’s meeting more
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Sony has announced plans to launch the first range of PlayStation Now enabled Bravia televisions in North America this June. The Bravia 4K Ultra HD TV line-up consists of nine models priced between $2,099 (49-inch) and $24,999 (85-inch). Users will be able to connect DualShock 3 controllers to the TVs to play streamed PS3 games. Revealed at CES in January, PS Now will more
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More than 5 million Xbox One consoles have been shipped to retailers since the system launched in November, Microsoft announced Thursday. That's up more than a million from the 3.9 million consoles Microsoft reported it shipped in 2013. Microsoft said that 311,000 units were sold in the US in the month of March, putting its latest system 60 percent ahead of Xbox 360 at the same point in their respect more
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Today Atari revealed their upcoming title Minimum; the game was first developed by now defunct developer "TimeGate" and was finished by the minds behind Prey 2, Human Head. The game throws players into a world where they are blocky figures locked within team-based battles centering around resource collection in order to power their team's AI-controlled Titan all the while searching for the means to upgrade their own loadout. Minimum is slated to release via Steam Early Access sometime this spring!
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Nintendo has brought their classic hit Super Mario Brothers 3 to both the Wii U and 3DS virtual console within this week's update alongside a slew of other various classics. SMB 3 will set gamers back 5 USD for either platform while GBA titles Golden Sun and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity will only be released for Wii U. A full rundown of this week's changed can be found below!
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Telltale Games announced today the their story telling title "The Walking Dead Season 2" will release on April 22nd in North America while Vita fans in Europe have to wait till the next day. Each episode is available for individual purchase for 5 USD or through a "season pass" deal that offers 20 percent off versus buying all episodes alone. Episodes one and two are now out for all supported platforms with the third being yet to be dated.
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Ten new Grand Theft Auto Online jobs have been bestowed with Rockstar Verified status, marking the player-made missions as some of the finest available for play. The latest round of verifications includes Deathmatch and Race modes, including the first Rockstar Verified Air Race. Some of these user creations were selected for their clever use of familiar regions of Los Santos and B more
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