Ever since its launch two weeks ago, Pokemon GO has been an out of control success, and it has broken all manner of records, one after the other. That is apparently not going to stop any time soon- in fact, it sounds like the pace for this record breaking may even continue going forward, given that Pokemon GO is now slowly launching in other countries across the world. Now here’s another more
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Hacker group OurMine has claimed credit for a DDoS attack on the Pokémon Go servers over the past weekend. Rumours of an attack were floating around on Saturday but Niantic didn’t comment on the reason the servers were down. Talking to TechCrunch, a member of the group said that they were part of a trio of teenagers that uses these incidents to advertise their ‘security services’ and more
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Infinity Ward’s vehicle and weapons leads, Dan Savage and Sean Byers, delved further into Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s vehicle and weapon designs during a recent Facebook Live event. Dan Savage kicked things off with the SATO fleet’s Retribution, the central hub for the commander and her crew. The bridge is similar to Mass Effect’s Normandy, with a similar map of the solar system more
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Remember Dead Rising? The Xbox 360 exclusive zombie action game was one of the first titles of the previous generation, and still remains one of the finest games in the Xbox 360’s library. And now, it may be getting a remaster for the current generation- or at least for the PlayStation 4, since Trophies for a PS4 version of Dead Rising remaster have shown up on on trophy-tracking website more
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Microsoft’s Xbox One S, which was announced at E3 this year, will finally be available to purchase from August 2, Major Nelson announced on his blog today. To begin with, the 2TB SKU, which retails for $399, will be the only configuration that will be offered, though Microsoft will also be offering variants with 1TB of on board storage and 500GB of on board storage for $349 and $299 more
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Last year, PlayStation 4 became the very first console to gain support for Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service. It was more than just a simple app release for the PS4, too, since Spotify, coming to the PS4 with PlayStation branded, had an ‘exclusive partnership’ with Sony. There have been many hoping for that exclusivity to end eventually, and for Spotify to be made more
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Leveling up in Pokemon GO can be a huge chore especially if you don’t have the patience to grind out experience points using various tricks. There are some good ones covered here in order to reach level 15 the fastest way, but if you were wondering about the rewards and unlocks at Level 30, you can now check them out. We have already covered a level up experience points requirements, unlocks more
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With Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare taking the series into full science fiction territory with its space setting, the necessity to have proper space combat is also thrown into the picture. And speaking to GamingBolt, Infinity Ward’s Brian Horton discussed just how the developer is hard at work assuring that they get it all right. “The jackal combat and the zero-G components are definitely more
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Eyedol is a hulking two-headed demon complete with a devastating club. In the trailer, Eyedol is seen being resurrected by Killer Instinct's resident sorcerer Kan-Ra, before beating the hapless summoner to a pulp. Eyedol will become playable on July 22nd for Ultra and Supreme Edition and on July 29th for Combo Edition owners, completing the Season 3 roster.
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Steam has been facing disconnection issues since 7:42 AM EDT. Steam users took to NeoGAF to confirm the issue and several users commented on how they randomly disconnect from the Steam Servers and are unable to reconnect. Several popular Dota personalities have tweeted about the steam servers going down. Famous Dota 2 caster, Toby Dawson (TobiWan) experienced issues during his livestream. It more
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