One of the most pressing questions on the minds of all the fans anticipating Red Dead Redemption 2 is whether or not the game will come to PC. The original RDR never did in spite of years upon years of community requests and multiple petitions. Even though the interest was clearly there, Rockstar just didn’t want to hear of it. Red Dead as a franchise has never before seen the light of day more
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After the launch of the title, Mr. Sean Murray was astonished by the number of players boarding on onto Hello Games latest release and was definitely not expecting as many players to be hyped about No Man’s Sky. After releasing on the PlayStation 4 and PC, it didn’t take long for gamers to turn up a backlash on Hello Games. According to gamers, gamers pointed out that a lot of the features more
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Microsoft-owned developers Rare have announced a testing programme for their forthcoming multiplayer pirate game, Sea of Thieves. Participants will get access to early testing phases and the opportunity to shape the game my providing feedback. "We're looking to create a pool of players who we can potentially invite into the game to play the game early, and to give us critical feedback to more
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Headup Games has announced that its 50 million plus downloaded game (across PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices), Bridge Constructor, is coming to PS4 on December 13th. A price wasn’t divulged, however, the game is currently $9.99 USD on PC and Xbox One so this could be an indication of what it will cost you on PS4. Never heard of Bridge Constructor? No problem — here’s an overview from more
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Remember The Division? Ubisoft’s 2016 MMOTPS, “Destiny-killer” that went from wildly successful to mass exodus in the span of a month. According to publisher Ubisoft, the online-only game has seen a resurgence, returning back to “daily active users” that were there at launch following Patch 1.4. Giving a statement to PCGamesNetwork, Vice President of live operations at Ubisoft said more
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After years of anticipation surrounding its development and release, Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky received a mixed and controversial response to how the final game turned out, though the developer has since released an update that No Man’s Sky will receive an upcoming update to build on the foundation of the game. A new update on the official No Man’s Sky website detailed that Hello Games more
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Now that the first season of content for Street Fighter 5 is over, everyone is looking ahead in anticipation of Capcom announcing the start of the next. Future support for the game is a given, and according to a recent interview with producers Yoshinori Ono and Tomoaki Ayano, Street Fighter 5 may be supported for four more years. Speaking to Japanese magazine Famitsu (as translated by more
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Lead Designer of RavenSoftware announced today that all players will receive double XP this weekend for Modern Warfare Remastered. Double XP arrives just in time for holiday break. How many prestige's will you make it through? Let us know in the comments below
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12,428 titles are on sale right now folks. Yes, 12,428 different titles. That could only mean one thing: the Steam Autumn/Fall Sale is Live. The sale will run until 1pm November 29th, which means you have six days to spend all of your money. Among the 12,428 different titles discounted are some really great deals you should take advantage of, here are just a few examples:
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You can now purchase Steam games at a discount while nominating them for Steam Community awards. Valve introduces Steam Awards with 2016 Autumn Sale We all knew it was underway. You could feel it in the air. Now it’s finally here – the traditional Steam Autumn Sale which discounts most of Steam’s back catalogue for the Black Friday weekend. That said, Valve has a new plan to keep the more
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