Microsoft will give away a number of 'collectible Xbox One' consoles at the San Diego Comic Con event this weekend. The yellow Forza: Horizon 2-themed Xbox One pictured below will be among multiple decorated consoles that will be handed out to contest winners at the expo. Those who hope to take home one of the custom units must "check out the custom consoles on more
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Stories of financial woe from failed Kickstarter Yogventures show just how they managed to lose half a million dollars. If you're scratching your head wondering how a company manages to blow through that much cash and still come up empty, some stores of financial woe, such as an artist who was paid $35,000 for two weeks of "work" (in which he produced nothi more
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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developer Sledgehammer Games is celebrating its 5th year as an independent developer with publishing partner Activision this week. Sledgehammer Games kicked off its Call of Duty career when co-founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey began work on a third-person Call of Duty title set in the Vietna more
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Over the past few weeks, Windows 8.1 update 2 has been referenced many times, but so far, no one has been able to figure out what all the update includes. It seems that this update will be small, when compared to update 1, and may only include enhancements to stability rather than front end features. If you are wondering when update 2 will arrive, that is, after all whil more
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The Pirate Bay is a symbol for peer-to-peer file sharing around the world, as one of the longest-running - and still one of the most popular - destinations for those searching for shared content. But it is also one of the most heavily censored sites on the web, thanks largely to the efforts of the entertainment industries, who have made i more
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The Last of Us Remastered reportedly requires 50GB of HDD space. That's according to an alleged image of the PS4 game's box art, which you can see below courtesy of Gamepur. The Last of Us Remastered's street date has seemingly been broken by some retailers, with numerous unofficial screenshots emerging online in addition to game streaming on Twitc more
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Earlier today, Microsoft released a new video entitled "Best Games" on YouTube to promote both the Xbox One and the upcoming games for it. The 30-second video contains voice over dialogue from the "Rocky" movie with Sylvester Stallone quoting the words, "Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It will beat you to your knees if you more
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Bungie has added Vanguard weapon access to the list of perks to be offered to those who pre-order Destiny. "Exclusive weapons and gear" are promised in the new video below, as players who pre-order the game are granted "early access to Vanguard weapons, gear, and a player emblem".
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Microsoft's ID@XBox program has already attracted some pleasantly original projects, from the likes of White Night - key inspirations: Jazz, German expressionism, Alone in the Dark - to There Came An Echo, in which you boss Wesley Crusher around using Kinect. There's always room for more. "Surprise us," was the message delivered by the Xbox Advanced Technology Group's Martin Fuller more
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Though Bungie couldn't manage 1080p resolution for Destiny's Xbox One beta, the developer is committed to hitting that mark for the final, retail release. For proof, look no further than the above footage. Courtesy IGN, this clip is the first look at Destiny running at 1080p and 30 frames per second on an Xbox One. According to the commentary, the developers worked closely with Microsoft more
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