Recently, Microsoft revealed that the company is bringing the ability to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. Surprisingly enough, the company isn’t stopping there. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox wants the ability to play Xbox 360 on the PC. In an interview with Gizmodo Brazil, Phil stated:
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The beta for DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront went live yesterday and is expecting fairly heavy server loads on PC, as is to be expected. EA seems to be on point with this thankfully and has announced that it would be bringing more PC servers online. As it stated on Twitter, “A lot of interest around the beta. We’re bringing more PC servers online and appreciate yo more
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Hangar 13’s Mafia 3 has received some new gameplay footage courtesy of Game Informer along with an interview featuring the dev team that explains the new direction for the game. Check it out below. The gunplay is surprisingly similar to Grand Theft Auto 5 especially with regards to moving into cover and popping out to shoot enemies. It’s no coincidence real more
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It has been announced that this year’s Tomb Raider release, 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' has gone gold on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game is scheduled to release in little over a months time and will continue on from the events that took place in 2013's 'Tomb Raider'. Both versions on the Xbox platform will release on November 10th 2015, with a suggested year of exclusivity. The title will see a wider release in 2016. Darrell Gallagher, Head of Product Development, gave the following statement in response to the commemorative event:
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The September PlayStation Store sales are in, with Destiny taking the top spot in every category it’s in. Sony has revealed the sales data for September, covering games and add-on sales through the PlayStation Network. The charts cover PS3, PS4, PS Vita, and PS Classics, including add-ons, across the North American PSN. Destiny was the top seller for PS3 and PS4, not to mention topping more
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G2A has responded to Riot’s decision to ban the key reseller from sponsoring League of Legends teams. G2A has today issued a statement in response to League of Legends developer Riot’s decision to no longer allow the game keys reseller to sponsor professional teams. The statement, obtained by PCGamesN, calls the move “heavy hand more
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As this console generation nears two years-old, it's no secret that Xbox has spent the entirety of that time playing catch-up to PlayStation. Sony's platform started off with a huge lead in sales, and while Xbox may have closed the gap to some degree, PS4 still holds a sizable advantage. In fact, it's so large that Microsoft's top brass questions whether it can ever recover. At the rece more
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Xbox 360 players are Golden this weekend in all regions. This means they can play mutliplayer online for free. Again, this is only for Xbox 360 users. The free weekend runs October 9-11.
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Capcom has announced that the second beta for Street Fighter V will take place from October 22nd until October 25th, and this time PC players will be able to get involved along with PS4 participants. However PC users will only gain access to the beta from Ocotber 24th. From that date and until the end of the beta Capcom will be opening up the cross platform mul more
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Treyarch's David Vonderhaar took to it to detail some changes coming to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer mode. These changes are a result of fan feedback received from the multiplayer beta. These changes are to provide a better Day One experience. Take a look at the changes coming to the game.
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