Come February 16th Street Fighter V will only take up a tiny 6.4GB of your valuable PS4 hard drive space. It looks like developers have finally figured out how to keep game sizes down to a minimum on current-gen consoles, which means you’ll have to make the hard choice of which game to delete to make space for a new one less and less as we move into the future. We’ve included a screenshot more
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What will the next generation of games look like? It's hard to imagine the visual fidelity of video games being pushed much more than they already have been, but according to comments from ex-Criterion tech director Paul Ross, the PlayStation 5 could deliver incredible worlds. Speaking to EDGE (via Videogamer), Ross discussed how video game developers had to be mindful of the direction more
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It's no secret that you can use Facebook Messenger for a whole lot more than just chatting with pals, but there's still a surprise or two in store. Social networkers have discovered that Messenger has a hidden chess game (quietly available for a least a month before now) that you invoke by typing "@fbchess play" when you're in a conversation. Just don't expect an intuitive interface -- you have more
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Sony has yet to officially detail the price of PlayStation VR but according to a rumor from reddit, the upcoming virtual reality device from Sony might cost as low as $299 for the standalone product and it will also get a starter kit containing a PS Eye camera, a PS VR game and PS Move controller for $129. As it is usual with these type of rumors, take this with a grain of salt. While it isn’t more
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Capcom must be aiming to make the next week’s wait unbearable for Street Fighter V fans, as the latest official trailer is a beautiful, exciting look at the upcoming Street Fighter V. The full-length, fully CG trailer introduces a number of the game’s characters and teases even more to come. Street Fighter V hits Play Station 4 and PC on February 16, 2016. Watch the new trailer and get more
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Titanfall 2 will feature a single-player campaign when it’s released on “all platforms” according to lead writer Jesse Stern. The original game was criticised at release for being multiplayer only and exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One console. In a new interview with Forbes, Stern also reveals that developer Respawn is hoping to create a spin-off TV show.
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IO Interactive’s Hitman has received some new details pertaining to its upcoming beta. Publisher Square Enix has already revealed that the beta will contain the game’s prologue, following Agent 47 as he first joins the ICA and meets Diana Burnwood. The beta itself will be 4.7 GB in size for the PS4, which begins on 8 AM PST/11 AM EST, February 12th and ends on February 15th. The PC beta is more
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Many Xbox One owners went through a rough time this weekend, as Red Dead Redemption was briefly available via backwards compatibility, then swiftly taken down. Players were only able to access the game if they had bought the digital version on Xbox 360 or the Xbox Store online. It took a fair bit of digging to discover how to use the game, but many players were excited about it. Red Dead more
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The single player survival game The Solus Project will be coming to Xbox Game Preview on February 26, 2016. Developed by Teotl and Grip Digital, it made an appearance at Microsoft’s ID@Xbox lineup for E3 2015 and is scheduled for final release in May of this year. In The Solus Project you find yourself on a deserted planet and must try to contact home. Along the way you will explore caves, more
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There are always people in comment sections claiming that a cross-platform triple-A game has had its graphics "dumbed down" for consoles, the PC version's fidelity apparently lowered to maintain some kind of parity, but it's not often you get confirmation of this actually happening. With The Division, we've just had that confirmation. YouTubers Team Epiphany were flown out to New York to see a more
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