Destiny developer Bungie hopes to alleviate concerns over the game’s full offering of content, assuring fans that ‘Destiny is the biggest game the studio has ever made, by far.’ Yesterday, data-mined information from the now-closed Destiny beta lead to speculation that the final build of the game would include just over 30 st more
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Overkill Software will offer its bank robbery shooter Payday: The Heist for free via Steam on October 18, the developer has announced. The game will be served up as part of a Payday 2 community drive; the free Payday reward was unlocked after the official Payday 2 Steam Community group hit 1.05 million people. The group stood at 1,108,594 members at the time of writing, unlocking a more
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Below you'll find a new Rainbow Six Siege gameplay video featuring 30 minutes of fresh footage of Ubisoft Montreal's upcoming title. Set for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2015, Siege is a co-op multiplayer-focused game in which enemies have the means to transform their environments into strongholds, while Rainbow Six teams lead assaults to breach them.
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The beta test for Bungie’s upcoming game, Destiny, has concluded. Bungie, who developed the popular Halo series, started work for Destiny, an online multiplayer action role-playing first person shooter, in 2012. A beta was launched for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on July 17, 2014 and it ended on July 27.
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Bungie has revealed a new map to feature in Destiny's Crucible competitive multiplayer mode. Called Twilight Gap, the map is set on Earth as design lead Lars Bakken offers a tour in the video below.
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A Korean Game Rating Board submission (via NeoGAF) named "Killer Instinct Classic 2" as an upcoming release for the Xbox One, suggesting that Microsoft is planning a port of the 1996 arcade game Killer Instinct 2. Microsoft previously bundled a port of 1994's Killer Instinct with its Xbox One reboot issued last year. The retitled Killer Inst more
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Sounds as though Rockstar’s getting serious about cracking down on GTA Online money glitchers, with reports surfacing of “undercover” employees infiltrating the community to bust perps. GTA YouTube DomisLive notes in this video, several prominent YouTubers have been banned over the promotion of money glitching. YouTubers such as Sir Weed, are apparently being targeted over videos such as this, which shows an exploit to boost bank accounts by millions in minutes:
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The free games for Xbox 360 and Xbox One in August via the Games with Gold program involve a lot of flying, biking and sneaking. From August 1 - 15 on Xbox 360, Gold members can grab Motocross Madness for free, and then from August 16 - 31, pick up Dishonored for free. Available for the entire month of August on Xbox One, Gold members can get Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero: Director's C more
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GRAND THEFT AUTO V (GTA 5) might arrive for Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and PC gamers on 7 November, if a UK retailer is to be believed. Rockstar still has yet to cough on a release date for GTA 5 for PCs and next generation consoles, but said at this year's E3 conference that the titles will tip up "this fall". However, UK retailer Gameseek is claim more
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Halo: The Master Chief Collection made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this week, bringing with it new screenshots of the re-imagined "Zanzibar" map and a trailer showcasing Halo 2: Anniversary's revamped cutscenes. Blur Studio, which has had its hand in many of today's most visually spectacular cinematics and commercials - including those for Halo 4 and more
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