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Finally received the "SUPPORTER" Badge after waiting a week but still haven't received my shirt. But thankfully Im adding 1 more badge to my list and hopefully many more in the future. But to make things short thank you Sean for selling more t-shirts to the community. Congratz to everyone else who got the badge and hope everyone loves their shirts.

The Following 9 Users Say Thank You to Wizard For This Useful Post:

RepBandit (12-02-2016), dah (12-02-2016), Adamu (12-02-2016), Mickers (12-02-2016), 935 (12-02-2016), Skates (12-02-2016), KY9 (12-02-2016), StrangerThings (12-01-2016), Atriox (12-01-2016)
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Wish I could give him my money in 22 minutes but it usually doesn't deposit till 3

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Congrats on the supporter badge! Keep up the good work!
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I spend my money on Christmas gifts
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Congrats and thanks for supporting the site.

See you in the shoutbox.

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Congratz man! Love u m8 <3
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Sweet dude! Enjoy the shirt, thanks for helping support TTG. <3
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How do you get the supporter badge ?
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congrats on the badge..

thanks for supporting the community man
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Welcome to the very big club pal

Well done
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