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So im going to college for game development and when i go i want to show them some games ive created. But i want to do a game that i havent done before. Just drop some ideas. The one i choose to do will get some rep

I figured this would be the best place to do this, or maybe the programming forum would be better?

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Have you tried doing a flappy bird type of concept game yet?
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Maybe an avatar based game if your looking for a challenge? Third or first person?

I don't really know.

What system are these games your developing for? Xbox/PS4, Mobile, PC?
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make a gta styled game for a Nitendo DS
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Which platform would these be for?

If mobile then maybe something like cookie clicker just with your own twist.
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Fruit no ja
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Do something like adventure capitalist.
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I got some great ideas I'll send it to you in a PM
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You should drop this in the programming forum also I need more information. What are you using to build the game, what platform, what have you used to develop in the past and are you using the same stuff?
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We need a good space exploaration/crafting game. although to pull that off you will need alot of support.
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