Wheres a good place to find a nice desk for my room?Posted:

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any of you guys on here know a good place for me to find a nice desk besides Ikea
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Walmart might have some decent desks.
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Well if you don't mind shopping online, have a look around on eBay or Amazon.
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Costco or Sams club if you have one in your area.
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Check out eBay, probably the cheapest prices you will find for any good desks.
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Amazon has some great desks.
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I built my own but honestly (if you live in the UK) Argos but if you dont, just look on amazon.
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Office Depot
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rednosedreindeer wroteWalmart might have some decent desks.

Normally I wouldn't shop at Walmart but my mom bought my desk for my room there for my bday and it is really nice and I think it was cheaper!
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Amazon or your local Office store.
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