What Is The Most OG Gt You Have Ever Seen?Posted:

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What's the most OG Gt you have ever seen before?
The most OG Gt i had ever seen was "pot" it was on a bo2 lobby.

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Hot, was talking to the dude when he got it off reset.
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Fox news at 630, not og but still is a good tag!
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Gamer was the best I have seen.
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In my opinion probably " War " back in the day.
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Used to have the GT Manwhore before it was banned.. dunno if it was OG lol
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The GT: OG is just OG in itself and the best about
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I have seen a lot of OG gamerstags on MWR. But I got in the game with the gamer tag boy earlier today.
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Played with Grill and Foreman Grills before lmao
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Best that I have ever seen was just these three words: Lag
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