What is the best thing that you bought this Black Friday?Posted:

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So what was your best pickups this Black Friday/ Thursday and or Cyber Monday? Anything from a Rocket ship to a piece of printer paper.

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Rareparrot (11-29-2016)
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I bought a new tv.

Was definitely due for one.

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Got a new coat, should have been £200 got it for £70

Wish I got the xbox live deal with GAME (UK)/ Amazon gold for 12 months was only £25

Also got 50p of some juice in asda (uk walmart) what a time to be alive!

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I bought a 85" 4K TV for my living room
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Diapers for my daughter, couldn't afford to get myself anything.
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I got a Gtx 1080 my girlfriend surprised me with it and some juice haha
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I couldn't find any good deals I liked but I picked up some games off of Xbox. The deals were too good to pass.
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Another Xbox One S
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Well I got two new pair of shoes but I didn't buy em they were for christmas
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I just bought XBL Gold.
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