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var (10-20-2016)
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The shadowing is different on the yellow pencil than the background.

Apart from that 7/10
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Looks dope to me a job well done. Not sure if this is me but the shadowing looks odd to me.
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Looks pretty good man.

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Not that bad mate 7/10
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Hey man, this is super clean and I really like it a lot, but you see the yellow pencil shadow going overt the blue pencil, I'd make that a bit transparent for a more realistic look.
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Visxal wroteThe shadowing is different on the yellow pencil than the background.

Apart from that 7/10

I believe shadows get darker, more precise when up close?
I'm not sure if he did this on purpose but that could be the reason.

Otherwise, not bad. I like clean illustrations like this.

// Also, it seems as though you have shadows from all different angels.
Maybe pick a spot on your piece to be the light source and go off that.
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I love the concept, I feel like the shadow lighting is a bit off though.
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