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I'm new here (Obviously). been looking for a new forum to stick around considering most of the other ones I have went to have died.

I'm 21 years old and currently studying Japanese in University which is taking up most my time however in any spare time I have I tend to catch up on the gaming I can't do whilst studying.

When it comes to my favorite genre of games it tends to be anything RPG related, JRPG, Shooter, MOBA etc. I do also play shooters like Battlefield, CoD and Rainbow Six Siege.

Anyway thanks for having me, if you want to know anything else don't be afraid to ask.

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Welcome buddy pm if you need anything .
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Welcome to the site man see you around!
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Welcome to TTG

We are a great site filled with many helpful people

Send me a pm if you have any questions
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Welcome buddy. Read the rules and stay active. If you need anything let me know.
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Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy the site and stay active
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Welcome to the site.

I'm guessing you like anime.

Message me if you need any help.
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Welcome to the site . Make sure to check out everything this site has to offer and read the rules.
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Welcome to TTG man! Make sure you read those rules and have fun
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Welcome to the site brah.
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