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Just wondering what everyone thinks of FIFA 17 so far in however/whatever they played? I personally am loving it considering how much i genuinely disliked FIFA 16, however like all FIFA's it has a list of pro's and cons from what I've experienced so far.


. Most realistic feeling game definitely. New systems like Strength, Low shooting and The Threaded Through Ball are fantastic!
. Commentary is new and not a drone to listen to
. The Journey is FANTASTIC!

. Headers feel slightly like FIFA 14, overpowered from open play and corners
. Auto switching. Probably my biggest problem. I play a through ball and as my player makes a run for it it just switches to someone in a complete random position.
. I found that players tend to stay on the ground for too long sometimes after they're tackled. They call for fouls and complain to the ref instead of just getting up and thats frustrating

Again, these are all my own opinions. Be sure to leave your thoughts below I'm really interested to hear what everyone thinks!
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Ye im really enjoying it too I really love the quick nice gameplay and all the things we can do in FUT now

You should turn off Auto Switching and put it on semi auto or something its a lot better
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I actually love it. Fifa 16 was so repetitive for me.

I just have to get used to dribbling. Dribbling was so much easier on fifa 16
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Only played two games, but it feels great. Doesn't feel clunky at all, a huge improvement on '16 IMO.

Oh, and you might want to change your auto switching to "Air Balls". It's a lot better when you get used to it, I've had it on since Fifa '14 and i've never gone back.
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