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So you decided you wanted to click on this topic I am making, prepare yourself for the idiotic type of thread that you are about to read.. Only joking, I'll try to have some decency here I guess.

I made an introduction before, but it seems to have gotten deleted..

Anyways, my name is Corebean.
Well, that's just a nickname that my friends online call me, it's a really long story as to why that ended up being my nickname but yeah.

I'm currently 17, gonna be 18 in March. I graduate from highschool this year and have a part time job, as well as doing online college, trying to get a degree in Computer Science since that's what I've been into my whole life. But, on my spare time I tend to browse around in a couple of forums including this one, now I know I haven't been relatively active here, but I sure will try to start being active again. Not trying to start a sob story or anything, but I do miss the old days and the old people that I was once friends with on here.

Don't really know what else to say haha.
Oh, I do have a YouTube channel and I try to upload every now and then if any of you want to check it out here:

Have a great day/night everyone.

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You sound like a decent guy Corebean.

I'm highly certain your introduction did not get deleted, but anyways enjoy your stay!
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Welcome to the site man, hope to see you around the forums
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Hello Corebean

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Welcome to TTG, Corebean.
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Hope you like it here man. You've got more posts than I do so it seems like your doing alright so far
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Welcome to the Site Man! Be active!
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Hey man, welcome back to the site. Good luck with college.
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Welcome back m8

Hopefully you stay active this time.
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No heat on being inactive, I sometimes take month breaks lol. Welcome back! Get ready for life after high school, it's brazy
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